Thursday, October 13, 2016
It's that time of year when the world falls in love -- with the beach again. Our world does, at least. :) We're soaking up our Fall Break in the Outer Banks this week with our law school family! I'll post more about the trip when we're home again but for now, since I was uploading some of the photos we snapped today at the beach (and by "we" I mean my girlfriends and me - we're all busting out the DSLRs this year and I love it!), I thought I'd quickly share this one here of my Tiny Baby and me. Tiny has clearly, officially made a grand appearance this week - I've popped! And I'm thrilled.

I've been feeling Tiny dance around since hitting 15 weeks - the earliest I've sensed a baby's movement yet - and I'm smitten. I'm convinced the early sensory is something Tiny's been pushing for, knowing how occupied I am with the big sisters + how easy it is for me to forget that I'm pregnant. I know that has to sound insane to the first-time mom and sickening to the mom who goes through the ringer while pregnant, but easy pregnancies are indeed my story. And while I have my share of other tough maternal issues, I'll forever tip my hat to the sister that goes through so much physically to carry her baby for the whole nine-yards. You girls are so so strong.

Other facts/thoughts with this pregnancy so far...

Three more weeks till we can find out if Tiny is a girl or a boy. Olivia says girl, Claire says boy. Ryan says boy, I say girl (we'll have quite the day of reckoning).

Aside from spinning around in there, Tiny likes to push its little bum up so high that I can literally see it protruding into my skin. Seriously, if I wake up on my back - there's the lump! - I get to really feel that baby in there. It's unreal and I love it.

Sometimes I still worry about miscarrying this one. I'm 2:2 there, so the question lingers for me. But I'm getting better at pulling the "brave" card, and I've made it so that every thought of another loss has come to make me soar with gratitude that I have my baby for now. And, by the looks of how things are going, I'll have this one forever.

I love this little soul so. I don't know how it happens, but the mother-baby bond fuses fast, and this Tiny and me have been no exception. How grateful I am that the heart was made to grow! There is some beautiful room for this baby here.

All is well.


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