Tuesday, September 6, 2016
All the pools in Charlottesville close on Labor Day, so a lot of our friends all gathered yesterday for a final swim. Ryan was in class, sadly. Except for that since he wasn't there, Olivia was anxious for me to play with her + give her a swimming lesson. It's been Ryan's privilege all summer to do both, mostly because I honestly dislike getting all the way in the water (makes me too cold!), but I mustered my courage for her sake, got in bicep deep, and played. It was so much fun.

Claire was right there with us floating in her floatie (on her back - her favorite spot) as Olivia swam right on top of the water, face down, legs kicking, and arms stretching from a step at the end of the pool to where I stood, probably 15 feet away. We'd cheer for Olivia for being so awesome, and then Claire would take a turn jumping into the pool from the outside ledge. Splash. We'd cheer for Claire for being so awesome.

I'm grateful for how motherhood constantly pushes me. "I don't want to do that" or "Pretty sure I can't do that" are two thoughts that often surface when the girls present a need or want. But I never regret the times I push that kind of fear aside and think of them (I do regret the times that I submit to my hesitant self). They're just *kind of* good for me.

I ran and grabbed my phone to capture her darling face here - she'd just told me, "Mom, I can't beweeve all the amazing stuffs you teach me. Thank you!" Because we really did have a good swimming lesson and she really did well and I really was so proud. I love Olivia!! 
 Sister girls. :) Claire's mouth was chalk full of JoJo's. The girl knew it was a party and took full advantage of stuffing her face with all the cookies we don't have on the regular haha.
 The big kid posse. Most of them, anyway!


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