Sunday, September 18, 2016
Pic via: literally my kitchen floor. The girls laid out these kitchen towels one morning while I made them breakfast, and since they hit the floor to eat, I hit the floor to read aloud. :)

(And I know, my sorry toes right now. yikes! At least Claire's are cute)!
Entry from Tuesday, September 14
"O Lord, give us strength according to our faith which is in Christ..."

I admire Alma for humbly recognizing that the Lord's blessing would be given in a easure congruent to their faith. He didn't just say (like I seem to always say), "Bless me, help me;" he said, "Please respond to me in the same way I show my faith in thee." He was an agent - willing to act for himself - even in his prayer for heaven's help. Knowing how God feels about never encroaching on our agency,  that kind of approach has to be respected -- and it was (verses 27-29)!


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