Saturday, September 3, 2016
I just came across my cousin's wedding video online. You know how social media goes - clicking on one person's name leads to another person's name, which leads to their website, which leads to their portfolio - and hey look! - there's the highlight reel from your cousin's and his beautiful bride's (whom you also adore) big day. You watch the whole thing and cry...how you would've loved to have been there. But you weren't there. You live in Virginia, you see, far far away.

We must be coming up on the last lap of our run here, because I'm starting to miss home in ways that I haven't during our whole time here. It's like my heart knows that it's time to start turning back. This is good for me to feel, since I've always been very independent (I blame it on being the middle child), and moving up and away from home - from going to BYU to coming to UVA Law - has rarely left me crying for "home." The strong sense of purpose for what I'm doing and where I'm going, especially with my Ryan right beside me, has kept me focused and content. Don't get me wrong, I've called my mom all along the way, but I wonder if I haven't as much as the next girl?

Well, come Mayish 2017, the distance will be shortened. After graduation, we're officially (officially!) landing in San Diego and will root down for forever. We'll raise our baby girls on the shores of the beach, and grow up in the "real world" with a big kid job, a house, and new friends. And we'll drive to Utah and see our families. No more missing graduations, missions farewells, welcome-homes, and weddings. We'll live in California, you see, not so far away.

Pic via: Dad and the girls from the UVA football game just this afternoon. The three of them went together (Daddy-Daughter date!!) as I zipped around town and shopped Anthropologie's super sale running errands. See? We're still happy. I'm still happy. Just getting ready (little by little by little) to be closer to home.


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