Monday, August 8, 2016
We're four days down of being home. Oh I love our home! I love our rooms, photos, beds, and pillows. I love everything ours that is here and only here. But I've gotta be honest, I miss San Diego. It's been raining that pouring, then drizzly, and always constant Virginia rain, so we've been stuck inside which just makes me such a grump. I haven't decided if I'm like, "Cool, Virginia, thanks for the rainy welcome," or if I'm like, "Sweet, Virginia, thanks for the rainy welcome!" -- JK, I'm officially leaning toward the latter. This dreary Virginia just makes me all the more grateful that we're bound for sunny San Diego in a year and for forever.

(Listen to me. What a Scrooge! Really, we just need a few more breaks in between the rain and for all of our people to get back into town. People really make a place, don't you think?)

As always during transition times, I've been a stinky blogger. And we've got another big trip coming up tomorrow (!!) so I fear the sparse posts on the horizon, but for now, here are a few photos from the flight home, our first night in, and a random night of tennis over the weekend (because those glorious tennis nights MUST be cemented)...

First, my sweet sister, Annie, gave the girls some darling darling "All Aboard" books (from the authors of the famed Baby Lit books!) before we left St. George for DC on Thursday - the DC book and the CA book. I should've taken two seconds to snap a shot of the DC book, too, because that one just made our hearts sing about getting back out here (before we knew it was raining 24/7 ;)). We read and read and read each one a few hundred times + felt so grateful for where we've been and where we're going. So grateful!
Our day started super early - 4:45 AM for Ryan and me - but sheesh, it was worth it! Our flight left STG at 7:00 AM, which meant that we landed in DC at 3:00 PM EST, and after driving through our favorite green country out here to get to Charlottesville (it was not raining that day!! And seriously, if you ever get a chance to drive from DC to Charlottesville in your life, please take it), we had day time to kill, so we went to Bodo's for dinner and Carter Mountain for dessert. And to breathe in our little city from above + grasp that we're actually here now. We're back and ready to start our last year of law school (?!?!?) Blows our minds!
Little Miss requested this photo. I'll NEVER turn that perfect face down.
I feel like I documented that night well because of that wild new animal, Instagram Stories -- have you seen that? I'm liking it! I know some Snapchat loyalists are haters, but I hadn't jumped onto the Snaps yet (I was REALLY close, though...sorry, Snap)! 

The rest of the weekend rolled out with a lot of unpacking, reuniting with old toys, going to church, and, as you can see, some tennis on our favorite VA courts on Saturday night. August always brings out the tennis player in me. Always! August kicked-off the high school tennis season and I'm pretty sure that's why. Man I love tennis...I LOVE it. Especially with my main man, and it never hurts to have older brother, BJ, around to play, too. We battled it out, the three of us, rotating in and out of some singles rounds. Heaven! 
Props to you, Olivia, for snapping that pic. We love you. :)

More posts to come as we travel around a bit this week. Promise I won't be too sparse. And promise I love VA. Promise. :)


  1. oh this makes me homesick. can't wait to be back there with you!

  2. Aaaaand just like that you're back. I'm so glad we're home again, home again - all together! XO


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