SWEET IS THE WORD! D&C 78:18 + D&C 79:2

Sunday, August 7, 2016
Pic via: the St. George temple grounds. I got up early to serve and worship there on our last day in St. George and then studied outside for a few minutes afterward, since going to the temple is *kind of* harder to do in VA. The closest temple to us in VA is the gorgeous DC temple, which is 2+ hours away. So yeah. Capitalized on that 10-minutes-from-me-temple while I could. :)
Entry from Friday, August 5
"And ye cannot bear all things now; nevertheless, be of good cheer, for I will lead you along."

"I will send upon [her] the Comforter, which shall teach her the truth and the way whither she shall go." 

I'm grateful for those two bits of hope that He will lead me. I'm at another life crossroad - back in VA, school will be starting, we're in our final year here. Other than my marriage, daughters, family, and friends, I have a small load in my pack - three side ventures that appeal to my strengths and that keep me sharp - but I'd love His guidance on that load. I want to make sure it's a healthy one for my well-being, my family's health, and my big-time goal to just become a stellar person and make it back to heaven. 

I also seek His lead and His help in showing me the way right now, since as always, I feel a little stressed from the disarray of yet another move and change. Truly I feel like I can't bear all things right now. Am I really strong enough for life? But I'm told outright here to choose happiness despite feeling shaky, to partner with the Spirit, and I will be lead along. I'll be told what to do with my load, and, I trust, I'll be given confidence to tread through life's water right now. It'll be OK.

Oh I'm so grateful He's there!


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