Sunday, July 17, 2016
In case you're new around these parts - first, welcome! - let me explain "Sweet is the Word!" Every Sunday, I copy and paste an entry from my scripture journal here + a snapshot of somewhere I studied during the week. This little series is five-months-old now (that time has flown)! See the intro post here. Happy Sabbath, friends. 

PIc via: out on the back patio. Olivia was out there making pixie dust one day during nap time ("Mom, you make a BIG chalk mark - like this - and then you pick up some of the dust and sprinkle it on your head. See??") I was thrilled I could join her in Pixie Hollow. :)
Entry from Friday, July 15
"If thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge, that thou mayest know...that which bringeth joy."

This is so good for me to read right now, because I actually don't feel joy right now (as in - in this moment. A particular situation is weighing on me).  I have some leads as to why, but I'm still feeling a little muddled in my heart and head. Grateful for the hope here to go and pray about what's up + get some insight from heaven.


PS, if you've been reading any of my scripture study posts, you'll see that this entry today is not like the others. I'm eager to share it, though, because while I like to make things beautiful + inspiring around here, I also like to keep it real. And really, all of my scripture study sessions aren't that "awesome." I'm always given what I need, though, which is sometimes (as you've just read :)) milk instead of meat. Something simple and sweet. :)


  1. Hope things start looking "up", friend :-)

    1. They are already, you angel girl. Thank you for thinking of me and sending good vibes. xoxox


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