Sunday, July 3, 2016
Pic via: the car! On a whim, we decided to skip up to our beloved home sweet home, Utah, for the 4th of July. We're grateful that we can be so spontaneous when it comes to going home and seeing family. But really, after being across the country and $$$ in the hole any time we come West, we are so grateful.
Entry from Saturday, July 2
"Be faithful...lo, I am with you."

The simple, small one-liners in the scriptures have just been jumping at me lately. "Lo, I am with you." I just feel like interwoven in all of God's word in the Doctrine & Covenants is that sheer hope: I'm here, I love you, I want you to thrive, I know you can succeed. So much hope! I love my Father for being there so abundantly. And for His Son, my Savior, for comforting me so much along life's way. 


  1. beautiful, Jeni! YAY for going home to Utah for the 4th!! Keep wishing I could be there, too! Soak it up! Tell your family hi! Love that Gubler family!

    1. UT needs a bit of Joanna in its borders, that's for sure! You're so sweet to think of my family. :) I love you so!!


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