Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Gooood morning, friends! I'm absolutely thrilled to share a little post this AM about a darling, up-and-coming business, Care Crates. When Mandi, its founder, reached out about working together to get the word out about her work, I waited about 0.2 seconds to say "yes." If you've been around here for even just a couple years, then you know of the ultra soft spot I have for starting-up businesses, especially those started by women. I've just been there (see here, here, and here) and I know those feelings. Oh I know those feelings! You're standing there, with only your megaphone in your hands, and yet the message has to get louder; the cause has to spread further! So with the hope to pay it forward, and to do what I can to help a good woman's business grow, allow me to introduct you to --  Care Crates. :)
The business is simple: Care Crates curates and ships thought-out, styled, beautiful gifts for you, all in a darling (yellow!!) box. I had Mandi send me the Special Delivery Crate, which I passed along to a very dear pregnant friend here in SD, because look at that loot! It would take me days (let's be real - weeks) to put that gift together. Picture me going from store to store, then buying the online-items and waiting for them to ship, finding packaging, taking the box to the post office, and doing it all WITH the girls -- please no (why is it that post office runs with children are especially nightmarish?!). That's why, friend, if you've received a gift from me while I've been out in VA or here in SD, it's was a one-item, tiny little thing. Secret's out. :)
Emotional connections to start-ups aside, I'm loving Care Crates for its straight-up functionality. After working with the Special Delivery Crate, I bought the Appreci-Crate for a special someone that needed to know how truly thankful I am for her. Like my pregnant friend, this friend's surprise at the thoughtfulness of the whole package's deal was so real. They were so happy! Thanks, Care Crates, for helping me love my people. 

Mandi is running two giveaways in conjunction with this post - one on her Instagram feed & another on her Facebook page today and tomorrow. Enter on one or both sites to snag the Treat-Yo-Self Crate for someone you love! Or, no shame, for yourself? I'll be honest, I was so tempted to have Mandi send me the Sunshine Crate since yellow is seriously my color + I'd take everything in that box. Instead I told Ryan that whenever he's ready to pull the gift trigger, the Sunshine Crate is his target (or any of them, babe. Muah. :)) 

Thank you, sweet Mandi, for using your talents and free time to make my life easier + the lives of people that I love absolutely brighter. And, as always, thank you family + friends for being here with me in my little blog. I'm ever so glad that you are. XO!

PS! Since there are new friends coming by here, just to clarify, the business that I started, Let's Playground, had a name change a while after I sold my interest in the company last May. It is now known as Gathre and doing great things!


  1. such a thoughtful idea. LOVE this items inside!

    1. Aren't they darling?! You'd love all of her stuff!

  2. I LOVE care crates!! So darling! As are you! xo

    1. Your two cards in that bunch made me smile...you rockstar! Love you girl. xoxox


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