Saturday, July 30, 2016
Oh what a month! It was busy and yet chill - the right blend of life for San Diego, we've learned. This city is gogo and big, but the vibe here is still chill. No stressing allowed in this place. :) Here are all the photos from my phone that I want forever in my books. Just a few crossover from Instagram; 98% get a special place on le blog. There's a lot, so buckle up, because here we goooo!

Just after our UT trip, the girls and I met up with an Instagram friend at Balboa Park! That was a blast. I love when people you meet online become friends-in-the-making offline (friendship is a main reason I stay involved in social media)! Our friends had to go, but I was in the mood to stay, even though it was naptime. To make an extended stay work, I rented one of these little buggies and let the girls take a load off their tired feet. We cruuuuuised. It was so much fun.

The blurriness here makes me sad, because these beautiful people need a photo that does them justice -- my in-laws were in town that same week for a conference for Dad/an anniversary getaway! We got to have them in La Jolla with us the night before they left. We cruised the coastal walkway at sunset after getting some gelato. Oh and we saw the Tide Pools!! Can't forget those Tide Pools. Love you so much Mom + Dad A!
 We had a lot of beach days. Here is baby Bear trekking to Moonlight Beach with just the prettiest California boug for her backdrop...

 And we had a lot of adventures with the Gavins, naturally! These three. No provocation here. Just good ol' sibling love. :)
 Padres Game! I'm really not a baseball girl, but Ryan always seems to get us to a summer game and I'm glad he does in the end. I'd definitely go to another Padres game, however. That stadium!!! Such incredible views. Ryan and I fell further for San Diego that night.
Baby girls and I took quite a few beach trips, just the three of us. The beauty of San Diego is that you can just pack and run to the beach when everything's going craaaaazy. Which is often. Which is why we took quite a few beach trips, just the three of us. :)
 Park adventures...
And Bear's obsessed with sunnies. :)
 And swings.
 Our solo beach days ("solo" meaning sans friends) often went down in the early morning or the late evening, like right after Dad went to work or right before he was coming home. The breaking points, you know. You gotta get out early, and you gotta get back out in those witching hours. 
 Just another framily shot of these babes. :)
 Pool night! We often hit the pool at our complex, too, in the evenings when the witching ours struck. Sweet Claire asked me to take this photo of her (duh baby girl!!!). She's learning young!
 And Sister followed suit with the photo request. Anything you say, Miss Olivia Baby. :)
 Haha not dead, just beat. Evidence of why we'd get out in the morning pre-nap, and again pre-dinner. :)
Opposite of the pool pics above, Miss Claire did not want her photo taken here. She was saying "Uh-uhhhh! Uh-uhhhh!" here. I just wanted another sunnies pic, you babe! (She'll thank me one day, right? :) )
 And a couple shots from around the house -- these two after naps, just as happy as can be.
And one day while getting ready, the girls decided it was time for them to wear makeup, too. I remember this day in my childhood, do you?? The day you decided you wanted to wear makeup just like Mom and you 1) begged her to put it on you and then 2) to do it yourself? Makes me so happy. Especially since Olivia said here, "Mom. I just want to be just like you. I love you so much, Mom..." Just like that, my heart melted like butter on warm bread. Payday! And oh it's so mutual, my baby girl.
If you're following along on IG, then you saw this one already - my family trickled into town for our last week!!! We rented this baby and biked Coronado after picking up Elise and Nick from the airport last Saturday...
 ...and stopped for cookies and lemonade on our way to see Hotel Del! Except for we didn't quite make it to the Del. Our rental time ran up, but we got close - just one block away! - and waved "Hi!" to that beauty before rushing back to the bike shop. This was such a fun day!!!
 After church on Sunday, we took Elise and Nick to Fort Rosecrans - the national veteran cemetery - the place we visited on Memorial Day. This spot is incredible. You get to feel grateful for people who have given you everything...
 ...and a crazy view of the city from across the big bay. Oh San Diego! You're a beauty, lady.
The next day, my grandparents and parents and Kimbee arrived! This shot below was explained on IG (it was a looong one), and for the sake of time here, I'm going to let that post do the talking for this shot. :) 
We beached it one night as the boys surfed and as the sun set (full post with big-camera photos coming tomorrow)! Everyone except Nick and Elise left the next morning, sadly!! But happily we got those two siblings for a couple days more. 
Nick and Elise watched the girls while Ry and I celebrated our FIVE years together with the perfect dinner at the Lodge at Torrey Pines (that place is my blend of heaven -- mountains, beach, jaw-dropping food. Thank you, handsome, for marrying me so that we can celebrate in such a way. See a couple anniversary IG posts here and here! I was so busy with family in town, I didn't get up an anniversary blog post like I usually do. I'm going to add it in, though, sometime this week - it'll include the first 5 things we'll tell our girls about making marriage marvelous (one of our 50 dinner topics that night). :)

I shot this quickly before we devoured the rest -- those were homemade donuts, that's a homemade tootsie roll in the red wrapper, and a homemade fig newton under my hand. Homemade and heavenly!!
After celebrating there, we rushed home and got Nick, Elise, and the girls to catch some hang-gliders at the Glider Port --- except we were too late!! The effort was worth it, though, as we still got to see the sunset and say goodbye one more time to our Ocean Blue. Having my family with me during this last San Diego week sure softened the blow for me. So much so, I didn't shed one tear about saying goodbye. Not one (that is huge for cryer-Jeni)!!! And knowing that we'll be back, San Diego - that just kind of helped, too. :)


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