Friday, July 15, 2016
So I've almost hit 1K pins on Pinterest and I'm like ?!?!  I know that's nothing for some people out there, but it's indeed one giant step for Jeni -- I haven't done 1,000 of anything anywhere on the Internet. Just goes to show that I've fallen for that place in the last little bit. Pinterest is just easy and fun. Like if I were gave the Color Code personality test to Pinterest, I'm 100% certain it'd be a White + a Yellow: it's not competitive at all, it's carefree, it's bright and it's fun (Facebook would be a Red, Instagram would be a Blue, in my opinion. Another post for another day :)) Pinterest is the girl next door that brings all the party supplies, sparks your creativity, and lives for having a beautiful, good time. Ya can't help but love her!

I pin stuff that sings to my personality, which, unexpectedly, has made my profile/page this giant reflection of me. Call me loopy (I'll get it!), but when I feel like Jeni is getting lost in the hullabaloo of what's "in," I often go to my corner of Pinterest and remember what I love and what I am all about. And then I take a deep breath, because oh yeah! I like Me. :)

I copied a few of my favorite images from a few of my boards below. My most crowded boards so far are (dumroll)...Yummmm, Design Love, and Color Color Color. So Pinterest is telling me that I like pretty + healthy food, great design, and the bright + happy stuff? Yes.

Color Color Color. JOY is color. My mom says she was on the color-creation committee in the pre-earth life. Me, too, Mama.
Let's Go There! My adventure/travel inspiration board. 
The Haven. All things (cheery + white, it seems) house and home. 
Yummm. Also known as, fooood. :)
My Style. Things that I'd be, eh, just okay with having on my person. ;)
Making This. My DIY's and how-to's. 
Mothering. Finds that help me mother better: good articles on human development, sweet projects for the girls, and/or just straight up inspiration that the job is stunning (that photo)!!
Flora. I love this board! It is my very own Eden on the Internet. 
Design Love. Charming, clever design goods. Can't go wrong with this kind of stuff in Pinterest land.
Vinyasa & Such. I keep allll the workouts here. Free + effective ones. Plus good infographics on cool health topics. 
And lastly (as far as this post is concerned), Believe! All things of good report and praiseworthy. I'll take a good Pin that reinforces my faith!
VIA -- my dear friend, Lex!
There's still more where that all came from. See the rest of my boards here. And, yeah, like I said -- we're 7 pins shy of 1,000 around here. Doubt I'll get there this week. ;)

Thank you for helping me find myself via so many beautiful things, Pinny. Love ya, girl!!

(HA! Can you tell it's the weekend and that Ryan's been traveling this week?? Just goin' a little insane over here. ;))

Happy Friday, friends. XO!


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