Saturday, July 9, 2016
Ryan comes from a family of 8 kids: 7 brilliant boys and 1 beautiful girl (Em's brilliant, too, but she is definitely the only one in the clan that qualifies for the adjective of "beautiful," so I'm using it)! I should also mention his 2 incredible parents -- they truly are two of the best people on earth. They're kind, easy-going, generous, and just good to the core. I love them (I am so lucky to be part of the Awerkamp clan)! Like I said in my last post, we spent the actual Fourth with them. It was a perfect holiday. We celebrated America's birthday with a pancake breakfast in a culdesac, watched a pretty thrilling road rally right after (I was told by a friend that it gets cray -- holy cow, yes, it was cray), swam, napped, BBQ'd, and the lit fireworks out front till the sun went down. I pulled my camera out for that grand finale...

Here's Uncle Isaac, Ryan's 11-year-old younger brother with surprised Claire (those popping, firework sounds!) and cheesin' Olivia.
Claire's still feelin' a lil shocked...
But now she's all good. :) Ryan's youngest brother, Uncle Luke, is looking at Claire; Uncle Ty is looking at Olivia. I should add that Uncle Nate was also around, Uncle BJ is in Northern UT, and Uncle Jason is serving a mission for our church in California. See? So many stellar boys!!!
Welcome to the scene of the crime! ;)
Both girls faces below. They're kind of firework skeptics - but just for now. One day they'll be lovers like the rest of us. :)
The boys -- trying to catch parachutes that fell from one of the fireworks...
Seriously, if uncles were paid based off coolness/niceness, Ryan's little brothers would be worth millions. They are so good to the girls!! Makes me so grateful to them for their good hearts, and to my in-laws for raising boys that care about little kids.
And then the sun went down on the fireworks show. :) I'll be so sad to leave San Diego in a few weeks, but knowing that these guys are at the end of that drive back home takes a big edge off of that bite. LOVE our Awerkamps!!


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