Saturday, July 9, 2016
Sunday morning rolled around - our second day in Utah, our first full day in Koosharem - and we all cleaned up for church. The little church house my grandparents attend holds so many memories for me. It housed a lot of my Sundays growing up, hosted more than one special funeral, and was the sacred spot for my baptism (which was exactly 17 years ago on July 4, actually)! People from all over the Grass Valley area come to that church each Sunday to worship - from Burrville, to Fish Lake, and beyond. :) Church ends - and between being enshrouded by the beauty of God's earth, having little-to-no internet connection, and having inescapable togetherness as a family - you can't help but continue to worship the Sabbath Day. It's hard not to feel closer to God, especially on a Sunday, when at Grandma's. 

We snapped a few family photos after church. I didn't have my camera around for the group shot, but I grabbed it just in time for this line-up of my elders...
Then most of us took some individual shots with the stars, Grandma and Grandpa. Our turn!
And I've got to include what I got of my siblings' shots. Because, please, my brother Shandon below - plus his stunner wife and their boys. We used to be neighbors with these guys at Wymount while at BYU together (crazy how times flies)! We so miss those days!!
Then my Kimbee....
 And my Nick! 
I'm sad I didn't get a shot of Elise with Grandma and Grandpa, and that I didn't make Annie and her crew circle-up for one, but we did get these sibling shots below...

Hahah Shandon!! Except I have to give Elise some credit here, as she's asking him to stop being the babe he is on the ground - it was raining on us as we speak - a thunder storm was rolling in. :)
And then to the porch we went to enjoy that said storm. Tradition!
And then, sadly, down the road we went with our little crew. Except it was OK, because we were going home to our Awerkamps for a 4th full of neighborhood road rallies, swimming, and fireworks... (next post in the lineup! Coming soon!)

Family time is the best!!!


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