Sunday, June 5, 2016
Pic via: m'bed! Black sheets and all (I've never slept in black sheets before. Change is fun, but I def prefer white). Ryan was gone for most of last week, so I'd wake up each day, pray, whip open the windows for light, and hop back under the covers here for a good read of the good word.

Thanks to my assistant, Olivia, for jumping in on this one. "This is me and the squiptchos, Mom. Cute, huh?" :)

Entry from Saturday, June 4
Ether 12:27
"...I will make weak things become strong unto them."

One of my favorite lines + truths in all of scripture. I can become the best at something I am currently the worst at. 

For example (the following weakness is on the forefront of my mind), I can become one that knows how to articulate my thoughts and feelings incredibly well, and thus avoid a slew of hurt feelings that become critical feelings toward others ("others" meaning my Ry, mostly. Bless that man)! I have the potential to be known as that wife and mom that was consistently the center, never the brewer, of any storms.

That is amazing to me (seeing as how I seem to be the one that starts of the emotional, negative reactions around here). I want to be that girl! Take these broken wings and help me learn to fly. Make my weak things become my strengths! Please bless me with the strength to constantly serve. Give me a patient mind, an honest heart, and a good, open mouth that can speak my feelings + needs and be at peace with the rest. Please give me a grateful heart that focuses on what I have + how I am helped, versus what I don't have + the ways in which I work alone.

I'll do my part to turn the weaknesses around. So grateful for a cleansing, empowering Savior that can make such miracles happen.


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