Sunday, June 19, 2016
FYI...every Sunday, I copy an entry from my scripture journal here, both for my family's record + with the hope to pass along more of the good word. I snap a photo of one of my study sessions from the week to go along with the post. I started the little series in February and call it 'Sweet is the Word!' :) Read the introductory post HERE!

Pic via: the girls' kitchen table. And no way, jose, I didn't not keep my scriptures there in the line of smoothie fire. I just tossed them up there for a quick pic, since that morning I studied on the floor right by them while they ate drank their breakfast. :)
Entry from Thursday, June 16
"He that repents not, from him shall be taken even the light which he has received..."

Wow. I've never before extracted the comforting, comforting gem here: innocently/ignorantly committing a sin alone doesn't take away your light (at least not right away - God's more merciful than that) - it's the lack of repentance. It's knowing that you should stop doing x, y, or z and/or fix some thing(s) and yet you don't. 

I want to make sure that the girls knows that, and that that fact is straight from the Savior Himself. I also want to better apply this approach to making mistakes in my mothering. It's not the spilled milk, no matter how many times it's dropped, it's the lack of trying to get better at holding the cup. It's the absence of an "I'm so sorry!" (which is never the case in children as young the girls - they are so humble). Grateful for this lesson. It's comforting + encouraging. 


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