Friday, June 3, 2016
You know life is a healthy mix of happy and hard when the days - stellar and struggling - run to together like the strands of a braid. One crosses the next, then the next, then the next - each piece mostly looking and feeling the same, each taking a spotlight on top just for a moment. That sums up my SD so far. I have two strands of amazing, and one that is very much a challenge.

The girls' braid is all amazing. We've swam either in the Pacific or at our complex's pool every single day. We have a box of popsicles in the freezer. Best of all: Daddy never has homework! Ryan would agree that his SD life is three strands of awesome: he loves his firm, his co-workers are stellar, he loves his work. For now his hours are normal. He comes home to us without a bit of law school tapping on his shoulder. 

All of their positive vibes should probably negate my one dark strand that says "I've just gone through some change and the results are feeling hard," but you know, life is real and even with all the incredible AMAZING that is our life right now, it's embedded in change - both present and pending - and dare I say it again? Change is so hard! It just has a way of knocking you off your feet.

I remember feeling this way when we moved to VA to start school. Crazy to think that now, two (fast!) years later, I'm feeling the confident-to-cowarding flip-flop all over again. I wondered back in 2014 if life could get better -- if I could make best friends, a life for myself across the country, a home out of a transient condo. Miraculously (graciously - thank you, Heavenly Father!) that all happened. I'm grasping to that fact now as I hold on to what's left of our law school life while simultaneously, out of necessity, reaching ahead to our pending forever future in San Diego. Can I make more best friends? Where will we live? How will life really be here for me...?

Anyway, those are the feelings. Didn't think I'd spill those emotional beans, but there they are in all of their honesty. I know everything will work out. I do, I know. I know. :)

On to the facts! I have a slew of iPhone shots below of our last 10 days here. They're a smorgasbord! Enjoy. :)

Our first night here was magic. As I said on IG, we dashed over to the Gliderport the night we got into town. It was beautiful out there. The whole situation just left me feeling grateful that we're here -- together -- and that eventually we'll get to be here for forever!
We lucked out with an incredible sublet here, one with a king-size bed in the Master bedroom. Clearly. :) Let it be known that the baby-sleepover gig lasted two nights. I put my foot down on that one pretty quickly because, clearly, mama was getting pushed outta bounds! 
The San Diego Temple couldn't be closer to us here - a blessing beyond belief for us recent East Coasters where temples are a trek away (I 'grammed my feelings here about it all here). On our first Sunday, we went to the temple right after church to burn off one more hour before nap time. Two weeks down, and I've been able to go to the temple twice. Twice?! The spoils!
Olivia's pickings for her Mama. Yes I adore this girl. 
Our favorite park here is grounded in beach sand. It's genius and lovely and therapeutic, and that park WINS as our favorite park of all time.
We hit up Balboa Park! That's our friend, Savvy. keeping it cool. Olivia is teasing Claire. :)
 But really, she thought this was another pool. She was furious that I escorted her out. :)
Our friends below are also UVA law students (well, their husband/dad is!) and they're out here for the summer, too, working for another SD firm. I'm so grateful to have that Chrissy and her sweet littles here with us. I couldn't ask for a better adventure buddy than Chrissy and my girls have needed her littles!
Last Saturday rolled around and the hill-mountains of San Diego were calling, so we went and climbed...
 Claire collecting rocks. Do not disturb. :)
Speaking of my Claire, if you give the girl a chance to take a picture, she'll squat like that and hold perfectly still till you're done snapping. And if you're lucky, she'll hold a cheesy grin (while yelling "Cheeeeese!") She is amazing. I'll snag that cheesy grin and share it soon. 
One fine day, there was a snow cone truck at the pool serving up those babies for free -- Miss O and I took full advantage and dubbed it a perfect date (Claire Bear was napping)!
 One fine night, Ry and I found ourselves back by the pool - this time at the grills + fire for a little s'more date...
Oh! It was love! :)
Memorial Day found us paying some homage to the blessed Veterans of the world at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary (IG post here). The morning was moving and I am so glad the girls got a glimpse of what Memorial Day is really all about.
Then we circled the SD Bay and crossed the bridge to Coronado - again, with our UVA fam, the Gavins! - to enjoy the beach. It got windy, so we left early, but we enjoyed that quintessential SD spot while we could!
Mama was shot down at Coronado! The girls wouldn't take a picture with me. Like their interest level was -50. ?!?! But really, can I be that surprised? Kids these days grow up with a camera in their faces since the second they're born. Bless them. I get the decline, girls! :)
And that, my friends + future posterity reading this record, is that. SD so far. Although today we went up to Laguna Beach - and had a BLAST - so I'll have to catch up yet again there. Seriously, this is the life. And I'm adjusting to the change - truly getting there! Soon my braid will be ALL good. :) 

All is well!


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