Friday, June 10, 2016
...the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields, duh! ;) We went this AM and had such a party. Claire stuffed her faced the entire time, all while holding our styrofoam container while Olivia and I plopped in berries one by one. Miss Bear didn't drop the container once, which was impressive, and Olivia impressed me with her memory as we pulled up to the field. "I'm pwetty sure I've done this before..." she remembered picking strawberries last year off the Coast in Santa Cruz! Made me smile. That was such an awesome day. Glad it made a sweet impression on her little mind. 

Coupla other things that I've loved this week. They're up the body + spirit alley, AKA soul food!

-- My darling aunt texted all of us nieces one day and recommended that we listen to this podcast on strengthening women in today's wild world. I loved it. The podcast's guests travel the world in an effort to help women, and it was so neat to hear that what they see in women - their strengths, fears, faith - is absolutely universal. I am so proud to be a woman!

-- I liked this speech, too on getting answers from God - like answers to big problems. Can you ever get enough on that topic? Not today!

-- My sister-in-law, Talli, introduced me to these PopSugar Fitness workouts on YouTube while we were home in STG a few weeks ago. I've been trying out a lot of them since and I've really liked them! I have a bunch of PopSugar's workouts pinned on my fitness board, but I hadn't tried their stuff via YouTube yet. I've liked the variety and the challenge they've provided. Good stuff!

Other than that, I of coursed loved the sunshine. You'll get tired of me saying that (you probably already are)! It's funny, a few different San Diegans have apologized about this bad, grey weather we're having, and while, yes, June Gloom makes the sky cloudy from about 9-12 every day, I can't help but think of the month+ of RAIN that we had in Virginia before coming out here, and seriously, I'd take June Gloom in a second. Even for my whole life, if I had to. 

Loving SD lately and always. Happy Friday!


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