Tuesday, June 7, 2016
I've been feeling a lot lately. Lots of warmth from that blessed sun (bless the sun!), lots of stretching and growing (that sounds like I'm preg, haha. I'm not -- lots of emotional growing), lots of thanks, lots of joy. Ryan was out of town for most of last week, and as time alone as as Single Mom tends to do, my head was knocked down from any proud perch it was plopped on. I was humbled, which is always a wonderful thing. I tend to feel so grateful - and for everything - when I'm humble. I've loved growing up a bit and learning that humility isn't so much about abasing yourself (if at all!), rather it's about embracing the times when you have clear eyes to see what you have, and a full heart that can feel for others.

A few things I've seen and felt this week...

-- My good health. I am so grateful for my healthy, strong mind and body. 

-- Ryan's good health. Have you heard about this family's story? I just cried and cried about it. It's my worst nightmare. Praying big time for them during their pending, heartbreaking changes. 

-- A sturdy, borrowed car that's taking us all over SoCal (thank you, Mom + Dad A!) 

-- That the girls are hilarious and so naturally happy. Children are mobile balls of JOY (95% of the time, right? I mean, Claire fights me every morning when it's time to take off her pajamas and Olivia sure knows how to push sister's angry buttons... :) )

 That we have endless availability to food. I fasted Saturday-Sunday, and I was sure I was going to die by the 24-hour mark. Fasting became really hard for me after having Olivia (not sure why? I was always OK with it before), so I'm also grateful that I made it through my fast at all. Because I BELIEVE that miracles come because of your sacrifice to fast. I have some family + friends that need miracles right now...I needed to have a full, faithful fast. So grateful for the help I had to make it through. And, yes, for the pounds of food I've eaten since. :)

-- That I finally slept alright after Ryan came home. I tossed and turned so while he was away!

The end. For now. I'll be doing my part to keep this grateful heart beating. It works so much better than a proud one. 

Pics via: Laguna Beach, Seaport Village, and my very fave spot so far, Torrey Pines...

Laguna is a great beach. The water was warm and the waves were stellar. The tide was super strong, so we had to be smart, but we had such a blast!
A rescue after a killer wave nabbed us. The girls love that water, though. Makes me love it, too!
 Sittin' by the dock of the Bay watching the...USS Midway out there. Seaport Village is a gem! We will be back soon.
And yes, we went and ran + hiked Torrey Pines again since it turned out to be so awesome the first time. That place is a little haven right now for me. It's an incredible mix of my desert - the chaparral is abundant! - and my new ocean world. I love Torrey Pines.
PS, real quick, I want to put a plug in for how strong we can become when we keep working at whatever is tough for us. You know how I mentioned up there that mothering alone this time was breezy? It was unreal. I didn't feel a single strain from the constant work and no reprieve or help from anyone. Considering how beleaguering being Single Mom has been for me in the past, the report above is miraculous, my friends. 

So you tired soul out there, (cue Daniel Tiger!) "Keep trying, you'll get be-he-tter!" (whoever puts those kind of clips up on YouTube -- I'm suddenly grateful for you, too)! :) 


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