Thursday, May 5, 2016
Told ya this space was going to be different. :) Honestly, I'm so glad that it is. Here's why...


After blogging around here for six years, in my context, my blog has been my own little house, online-style. I moved into my first cottage in 2010. I lived there till early 2012, and then I hopped across the street to a different cottage - same size, just a different look with better functions. That cottage is this blog here! I haven't moved spaces since (and I don't plan to). Out of necessity I have remodeled my online home here three times now, this last re-do being the biggest.

We've been remodeling behind the scenes since the beginning of March, although I'd been tossing the idea around in my head for months. Like a real house, I wanted this space to better reflect + accommodate my personality and goals, and to simply function better. The last version of my blog was light and clean, but it didn't quite work as I needed it to. It was hard to access old posts, search for content, and to enjoy the space on a mobile platform.

I also needed to update my space to support my design shenanigans. I am slowly building a design portfolio, which has helped me get some freelance design work. I needed my house here to have a workshop for that personal, creative outlet. I needed a Shop to take care of the designs I feel like selling (see my last post, IE).

And since I am no coder-builder, I needed an outside contractor to get this job done!  Heather at Georgia Lou Studios was a dream to work with. I found her after she worked on the blog of a dear friend, Lex Zurcher.. I'm so grateful for Heather's pretty tireless + patient efforts to help me nail this place down, because while I like this space for personal, creative reasons, much more so, I need this space for my Ryan and our girls. That said...


I blog to keep our families stories safe and sound.

I invest in this space so that Olivia and Claire can one day look back at our past and find consolation and comfort, and to gain courage. I mean, thanks to my blog, the girls will be able to see me as a brand new mother since day one. They will see the young, trying-to-be-brave, 20-year-old Jeni that - day by day - fell in love with motherhood. They will see Ryan and me - that we worked hard together + that we were *kind of* obsessed with each other. If/when they go to graduate school, they'll be able to look back and see that law school life in the trenches is tremendous. They'll see how I'm determined to share and thus grow my faith. They will be able to see themselves as the angels they are and were born to forever be. For every good reason in the world, I blog for them and our future records.
I blog for myself in the present. If you haven't been able to tell, I really like to talk. :) I love to write. I love creating stories out of words + photos. I love sharing what I'm learning and learning from what others are sharing. Blogging meshes much of who I am and what I unabashedly love, and so I am here.

Moving forward, I want to blog more for others. For you! Blogging can be so narcissistic - so ugly. Sadly, it's easy to get to that ugly place of having a space that is much more about you than anyone else (I don't like it)! So I'll be writing and sharing more that hopefully incorporates a little more of you. Like I said, this blog is my home, and I've opened the door to let you in. There are two chairs here - one for me and one for you - and I no longer want to be the only one talking! ;) Don't worry, I do I get it - sometimes (all the time!) you're okay to just watch and listen. But if you ever feel the need to speak up, please do. I am so glad you're here.

For my family, for an outlet, for fostering faith and friendships - that's why I blog. Grateful for a more functional place to let such good times roll. Grateful that my personal blogosphere is in no way bigger - I'm still in my little cottage here. :) It's just a little better.

Over and out. XO.


  1. Way to go, Jeni! I can't wait to see what's ahead; I love reading your blog!

    1. You've been a regular the whole time, friend. I'm so so so grateful for you + for the inspiration that your space gives me, too. Muah!!

  2. Looks gorgeous! We need to chat blogging soon - I love you perspective and hope to grow up to be like you.

    1. We do need to chat blogging soon - I have an idea that I need your help with! And we're growing up side-by-side, sis! Ever grateful for your light and example in my life, Kels.


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