Sunday, May 15, 2016
Pic via: my parent's kitchen counter in sweet home Santa Clara, UT. See the peas? Straight from the big garden out back. Currently my Dad's washing more peas in the sink, and my brother, sister-in-law, mom, and Ryan are all shelling a gallon of those babies right beside me. :) We got in late last night, and our day has been gogogo, so I didn't actually study there today but I will be in the AM! Feels so good to be home.
Entry from Thursday, May 12
"And whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do good is of me; for good...cometh of me. I am the same that leadeth men to all good...I am the light and the life and the truth of the world."

And that's why President Monson said, "Never suppress a thought to do good" - every last of our good works are inspired by Christ Himself. He inspires us all, irregardless of faith or life-state, in being king and doing good. And whether or not our kindness is received, the point is to follow Him and be kind. 

On the flip side, I'm also learning how important it is to receive someone's kindness. Christ also inspires us to accept others when they try to be kind toward you. Christ rebuked Simon for criticizing the woman that anointed His feet with oil. He absolutely accepted her for who she was and how she knew to be kind. Someone's outreach may be imperfect or different than your ideal, but to not receive or respond to one that is genuinely trying to do good is wrong. I want the girls to know that fact, too, as they grow. 

Grateful to re-learn all of this. I find such rest in my Savior. 

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  1. I just blogged about this chapter and verse last week. I think it's one of my new favorites.


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