Friday, June 24, 2016
I was reminded of this post last night - another one that's been waiting in my Drafts - because we were at the Del Mar Fair till 11:00 PM!! Which, yes, means that we threw our schedule, routine, structure, everything to the wind and made some stellar memories with some of our bests from our VA family. 

The last time I felt like I said "Sayonara" to all of that and let ourselves go for the sake of the moment was the evening below, a stunning Spring night in Charlottesville. It was finals time, and Ryan had jumped ship as usual. I'd been doing Single Mom for a while and was in need of a recharge. I remember it was 7:00 PM, the sun was still alive, warm, and beautiful, and I couldn't bring myself to go back inside and stay there for the next ten hours. But I also needed the girls to go down. Structure is sanity during busy-life times!

Or so I thought? That warm sun worked a magic on me and kept us out. I pushed the schedule aside, "Come on, girls, let's go on a big walk and take some pictures of our Spring," and out into our world we went, just as they were supposed to be getting into the bathtub. We simply walked, talked, noticed the "bootiful naycho!" (beautiful nature, per Olivia) on repeat. We got home just as the sun was really going down (and surprisingly, just as our Dad came home early from the school!), the girls were extra tired from all the walking, and we breezed through the routine. The scheduled was delayed by probably 30 minutes - hardly a trade-off when I weight it against the beauty of that evening with my girls. 

Like a good friend said on my IG post about the crazy fair, "It's good to shake things up!" Except I wouldn't have believed you if you told me that when I was a new mom. It's relieving to see that I've grown up a bit here and learned how to let go.

And now, Charlottesville in the Spring. :) 


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