Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Currently Claire is napping, and Olivia is over at Joanna's with her BF, Mason (Joanna and I swap toddler time at least one day a week). I should be back at cleaning my house - washing walls, scrubbing cupboards, dusting shelves - we leave for the summer in just a few days more. But when I got on my computer to turn on cleaning tunes, I saw this photo and had to stop and stare and (nearly) cry a bit...

These women. This is my tribe! Except it's still just a fraction of it. An absolutely unforeseen blessing of coming to law school at UVA was the literal throng of strong, sweet, special women that I'd be joining.  A chunk of these women are splitting this very week. The Darden girls (UVA's business school) and our third-year law girls are moving out and moving on. So praises to Nicole, one of my Darden girls, for organizing a fancy hoorah before life as we VA sisters know it will never be the same. We skipped over to the Clifton Inn for desert together on Monday night. They put us down in the stunning, cozy wine cellar where we could, almost literally, chat up a thunderstorm. We ended up eating our sweet deserts all together - she gave some of hers, we had some of hers - AKA, family-style. No surprise that things ended up that way, considering this crew. 
Counting my lucky stars that m'girls are meeting up at least once more this week. Soaking up these moments like a thirsty sponge. Determined to never let the joy of being together never seep away!


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