Monday, May 2, 2016
I cannot believe that the first chunk of 2016 is over. Thankfully (I feel sooo grateful!) I've been able to check off a few 2016 goals with its departure. One of my goals was to sell some of the things I design for my crew around here. The Color Blocks that I designed for the girls for Christmas sparked this goal -- I mentioned our Color Blocks here (I'll be sharing them soon)! I've since designed "Quote Notes," all below, to save me in another arena of life. And as of this second, three more ideas for designs that can make my life better around here are swirling inside my head.

All that said, you'll see a different blog here in the morning - one with a design portfolio so that I can keep doing freelance work with clients (because I've been able to start designing that, way too!) + a little Digital Downloads SHOP. :) Access the Shop in the menu above!

Regarding the Shop, that I design for that space will come from what I'm needing in my life + from what the girls need in theirs. I'm not charging at this Shop like it's my job, because it's not. I'm not opening its doors because my full-time, favorite job called motherhood doesn't keep me busy enough or absolutely fulfilled, because it does. I just like doing stuff - I like working. I like progressing. I like business (duh), but I like business in balance and when it's absolutely organic: when whatever sellable product comes out of who you are and what you are already doing. 

That said, my products will always have a background story. They will always be rooted in our real life around here. Like the behind-the-scenes on the Quote Notes below...

It was the two-year-anniversary of the passing of my dear friend's mother. That situation is my worst nightmare, and my friend has been so strong through it all, so I hoped to shower her with some love (so much love!) via some heavenly, white hydrangeas and a simple card. However, I botched the card. Absolutely slaughtered it. I could not give it to her. Feeling a little deflated, because I so badly wanted to the gesture to be sincere, I went to the door with just the flowers in hand -- but my friends weren't home (which I should've counted on, because they had no idea we were coming). I only had that small window to see my friend, so - now feeling defeated! - I left the anonymous bushel of hydrangeas propped up against the door like a pitiful broom in a corner and headed back to my car.

"Quote Notes" came to my mind because of that moment. I just needed a big stack of good notes in my car - so that if I scribbled or misspelled or anything - I'd have a back-up note (or 20). I wanted charming, super original, happy, empathetic, optimistic notes. In thinking of my dear friend and imagining the pain from losing her mother, a simple song lyric had been rolling through my mind -- "It's okay to feel sad sometimes, little by little you'll feel better again" (I don't know how he always does, but Daniel Tiger indeed does it again!) -- I decided that I needed notes whose messages were centered around song lyrics (because everyone else can say it better than I can). 

And I decided that was going to make these notes come to life. Simply because I needed them!

Eight unique topics surfaced as I went to work: new baby, happy birthday, thank you, sympathy, hope/happiness, loooove, and of course, just for fun. The notes' headliners are stand-alone song lyrics from some classics, both past and present...

Like "Hello? It's me" by Adele - a note for when you want to just drop a friend a creepy little line. ;)

And "Baby, baby, baby ohhh!" by the Bieber to get the new mamas in your life singing for their cherubs-to-be.

"I can tell that we are gonna be friends" by The White Stripes for when the new girl in town is still transitioning to your neighborhood, and you want to let her know that every little thing's going to be alright.

"Here comes the sun, do do do!" by the Beatles - for the friend that is on the up and up after being down.

"I wish that every kiss was neeeever ending!" by the Beach Boys for your one and only lover.

"You-u-u, I wanna be like you-u-u!" by King Louie (!!) for when your friend needs to know why you admire her so. 

I designed 10 patterns to be printed on the backside of the notes. Like kissy lips for the love notes; blush, swiss dots for the baby girl note; sweet, blue squares for baby boy; a party hat with a pom pom for the happy birthday notes; rain drops for the sympathy notes. Etc. Etc.

Gratefully, just as I hoped, the notes have made it easier to love my people in the offline world, face-to-face -- something that matters a lot to me. 

I've been able to write my little note and slap it on whatever gift I'm giving, no envelope needed because the patterns are stand-alone. Functional and stylish -- that's ever my product jam.

The download is $5, making each note card just less than 12.5 cents. I know your life, budgeters. :)

So there ya have it. Shop opens tomorrow, Wednesday, with doors wide open. Come by, come by! 

Thanks for being here, family and friends. I love you. 

-- "Quote Notes" are set up in a PDF, downloadable file. Each page size is the standard 81/2 x 11 size, and each page is one topic, like Happy Birthday. 

-- Three PDFs are included in the file. The first PDF includes each text page and each pattern back-to-back. Use this file when printing the Quote Notes professionally. The second PDF only includes the text pages; the third PDF only includes the patterns. Use these files when printing at home. 

-- There are four notes on each page. The file includes 10 different patterns that I designed to be paired with the note (like lips for the loooove notes). 

--Simply choose the kind of note you need, *print it off, send the page back through the printer - BE SURE TO CLICK THE BOX "FIT TO PAGE" - and select the pattern page you want printed on the back. Then cut the notes out and voila! 

-- Alternatively, take the file to your local print shop and have them do the double-sided printing for you. 

*For best results, print on your heaviest card stock!

Go make someone's day. Say it with a song!


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    1. I love you, Katie. :) Thank you for consistently being so kind and supportive. I'm so blessed to know you!

  2. I love this idea! I can't wait to use my "Quote Notes!" ☺

  3. You are so inspiring! Way to dream big and go for it!


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