Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Right this second, I'm sitting on a slouchy leather couch in our sub-let La Jolla apartment. Olivia's right by my side, Claire is sleeping in the room behind us. We're decompressing after being out since 9:00 this AM in this blessed San Diego county. At the moment the sun is shining, but most of the day was given clouds characteristic of what the locals call "May Gray (and watch out for June Gloom!)"

I feel tired. Between another crazy night (there's always a chunk of bad, sleepless nights after a move) and the gogogo morning we had (yesterday was gogo, too!), my eyes are heavy and my brain is foggy. But I can push away that heavy fog and find my heart in there, and my heart feels really grateful for everything right now. We've been looking forward to this San Diego summer since last August when Ryan was hired by his law firm. That's how it goes: after your first year of law school, you get hired by a firm, judge, etc. to come work for them for the summer after your second year of school and before your third year. If you're working for a firm, that internship is intended to become your job after your graduate, so it's a deal sealer. AKA, this summer is a taste of life to be -- for forever. So we're grateful. Ryan is working hard, I'm exploring hard (getting lost lots) in an effort to help the girls play hard. Tired Mom aside, all is so well.

Pic via: our first night here. We pulled into town, grabbed dinner as fast as we could and cruised to see the hang glider's on the coast. It was cold (so cold!) and so much fun.

Here's the Sweet is the Word! entry I didn't have ready on Sunday night. The pic is via the fountain right outside our little place here. It's quintessential SoCal out there in the courtyard - blossoming bougainvillea and pretty greens and that honeysuckle scent is in the air. It's a small version of Eden and a good place to study. :)
Entry from Saturday, May 21
Ether 12:41
"I would commend you to seek this Jesus...that the grace of God the Father and also...Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost...may be and abide in you forever."

I just looked up the word "seek" and Google told me it means to "attempt or desire to attempt or achieve." I love that understanding in the context of this small verse. Just seeking Him - simply attempting, trying, or even more basically, wanting closeness to Christ - grants you access to Him and His grace ("grace" is the enabling power of His Atonement), as well as to Heavenly Father's love and the Holy Ghost's direction.

That's a pretty big return on something as small as seeking. I will better seek today!


  1. Who even knows if I already commented and said this—but please check out Balboa Park while you're in the most beautiful city of San Diego! I spent many weekends there while dating someone long distance...and gosh, it's one of my favorite places in the world. Museums, zoo, beautiful gardens, concerts, etc. <3 <3 <3

    1. You're inspired, lady. We went to Balboa the day you commented! We made it through the Botanical Gardens and the Spanish Village -- so not far enough. But it was enought to just LOVE. You should come down and you can show me your Balboa (I'm dead serious about that)!! XO

  2. Hooray! I'm so glad you went! That botanical building...GUH. Doesn't get more heavenly.


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