Tuesday, May 10, 2016
I rang in my quarter-century birthday last week. Been the old 25 for a whole 7 days! All has been well. I mean, my hip hurts, my hair's absolutely grey, my dentures have been an adjustment - but it's been good. ;)

I'm officially one-year-older at 5:30 PM every May 3, but this year the celebrations started at midnight. I was tying up a loose ends around here before the new blog launched when these two hooligans face-timed. Or maybe I face-timed them?? Can't remember now, but either way, they were with me when the clock struck 12:00 and the birthday kick-off went down. It was fun. I love Nick and Kimbee!!
Morning rolled around and it was birthday party time! I sent out a text on Monday night telling everyone to come to our place for cookies and conversation, which is exactly what I wanted this year (I always plan my birthdays. You run wild with ideas that way and you cannot be let down - it's awesome. Try it sometime)! Ryan is always the most supportive and never bats an eye at whatever I want to do. Or at how many flowers I get for myself. :) He helped me set things up despite needing to dash to study for finals, and he took a couple hours later, too, for dinner together (couple photos below). If you've been to grad school, you'll understand how amazing it is to get more than 30 minutes from your husband in a day during finals. So thank you, Ry. I'm so grateful for you!
Thank you to my darling VA sisters, Joanna and Nicole, for bringing all the cookies. They tackled the party! I'm consistently floored by the generous by the women in my life. Truly humbled by them all.
Get it girl. Happy birthday to me, the party were enjoyed. :)
Actually, haha, not by Claire! :) In all seriousness, that poor baby girl..I didn't know it then, but she was coming down with an  ugly virus that we're just getting over. I thought she was cranky due to her molars coming in -- which was true, so to think of how she held up with the virus + the molars makes me love my Claire all the more.
People give me energy. Like when I need to re-charge, I surrounded myself with people, so having a good crowd there was a gift. Thanks to all who came in the flesh and in spirit. I love my people!
The party ended, Claire went down for a nap, and then Miss O and I went right back outside to the grass to talk and read and play. I don't know what's going on in the atmosphere, but VA has been cloudy and rainy for 12 DAYS STRAIGHT. That is not an exaggeration. Except for, miraculously (I'm not exaggerating about that, either!), on my birthday. May 3 was sunny, warm, and bright. I said about 20 prayers of thanks to Heavenly Father because of that. He is real and He has to know me, because I needed that sun. Every weather source was reporting thunder storms for all of May 3, and actually, I woke up to that kind of day, but by 9:00 the world was my kind of was perfect. And the world stayed that way!

The best part of this birthday was that fact: despite all the facts and forecast (I was checking for a week before my birthday!) the sun came out and stayed on May 3. When my birthday ended, the sun went away, and he has legitimately been gone since. It's a simple evidence, but one that I took seriously - God lives and loves His children. :)

Pic via: our time out there. Olivia asked if I'd take a picture of her hugging the tree. Sure thing, babe. :)

A couple hours later, I was alone with this guy eating Mediterranean. It was lovely. 
We picked up pie from Trader Joe's on our way home after dinner, and then blew the candles out with my sweet baby girls. They went to bed early, I cleaned the house, and ta-da, my birthday was done and done. And it was perfect. 

I love my birthday. Call me so proud, but I really do love my birthday! It makes me feel alive, because I've made more progress in life; it makes me excited for what's next. Already looking forward to you, May 3, 2017. Till then, so happy to be you, 25!


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