Saturday, May 7, 2016

I said I'd do this -- that I'd add whatever useful something(s) I design to the Shop if I think you might enjoy the something, too. Well out of necessity (shamefully I started thinking about Mother's Day this morning!!), today during nap time I designed a small set of Quote Notes for my mother. And your mother, if you feel so inclined to writing her a note tomorrow. And you should feel so inclined, because these Queen Bee Quote Notes are FREE! Yay!

The notes' messages are the following...

"All hail the Queen Bee!"

"You are the most bee-autiful lady in all the land!"

"My love for you is un-bee-lieavble."

And my very favorite, inspired by my darling Olivia (see story below),

"When I grow up can I please bee you?"

I formatted this set a little differently, per a thought from my friend, Chrissy. The Song Lyric Quote Notes are printed vertically, but each sheet here is horizontal. So when you cut the horizontal page in half, you end up with two portrait notes, and you can write a longer note. This format also allows you to fold the note in thirds, like that one down there, which I love!
The pattern today is as little queen bee with her pink crown (naturally), which leads me to the background on the Queen Bee theme...
Just two days ago, I was talking to my mom about future ideas for Quote Notes, and she recommended that I design a bee pattern. I obviously like bees and hives and what they symbolize (hence my logo up there!), and I definitely developed this love from my mother.
She is such a hard worker. And when she is in work mode, she literally has a buzz about her. I've never seen my mom so optimistic as when she was working to salvage her house - such a tremendous part of her life - from that devastating flood. My mom is always working in behalf of her children, too...always. I am inspired by how she still puts her babies first in her life. My mom will drop everything for my phone call. I've heard her do it for me, I've seen her do the same for my siblings. We're first for her, and I am so grateful for that. 

Ryan's mom, Heidi, my angel mother-in-law is the exact same way with her kids. She works so hard for them. For years my mother-in-law had to strike the balance between feeding + caring for 4 of her 8 children with Celiac Disease. She adjusted every meal, came up with special recipes, spent hours in the kitchen prepping for all of their needs, both wheat and gluten-free kids...she was absolutely incredible to watch. She still is, as she cares for them perfectly well.

So these bees are for you, mamas. Seriously, all hail our Queen Bees!!
Here's a some background story on Olivia's one-liner below. Not too long ago, Olivia was consistently telling me that she did not want to be a mom...YES. It broke my heart. She would say, "Being a mom is too much work - you are tired and the work is so hard." Sure any little kid might think and say that, but it crushed me because I realized in that moment that she was quoting me. I often voiced that the work I was doing around the house and/or for the family was hard - because it is! But unknowingly, I was communicating that fact in a negative, disheartening way. Which crushed me. 

I immediately started some serious positive talk about my role and responsibilities. I started to put more effort into feeling positive about homemaking. I started praying for those feelings to be real and palpable, because your feelings become your thoughts and your thoughts become your words.

Thankfully time heals all - and hard work - because last week Olivia told me, "When I grow up can I please be you? I want to be a mom." !!! It healed me. And helped me have a better focus and determination to be absolutely positive about who I am and what I'm doing. Thank you, Olivia!
Claire snuck into the "studio" tonight to help -- HA. I snapped these in our parking lot. :)
She was giving me the cue to go, picking up the props. And so we went!
Enjoy the Queen Bee Quote Notes. And HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to you all, whether children are in tow or not. Actually, I have one of these notes lined up for a an unmarried friend here that has absolutely mothered my girls. She loves them, and therefore mothers them - and in ways that are special and unique to her. I'll be forever grateful for her influence in their lives (and mine). So yes. Happy Mothers Day to us all!

PS, I wanted to point out something important. If you're printing Quote Notes at home, your printer will 99% for sure leave a small, white margin around your border, even if you click "FIT TO PAGE" before printing. Professional printers, like at a print shop, will take the pattern to the page's edge, but at-home printers won't. So just trim the small white sides off, like so. :) XO!


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