Sunday, April 17, 2016
Pic via: out on the grass this morning. I went out by myself and sat in the sun and studied my little heart for a few minutes there. I needed a feast -- my studies this week have been short, quick little meals. Felt so good to get spiritually full.
Entry from today, Sunday, April 17
Verse 4-5: "For the Lord hath heard thy prayers, and hath judged of thy righteousness and hath sent me to declare unto thee that thou mayest rejoice...For behold, the time cometh and is not far distant, that with power, the Lord Omnipotent who reigneth...from all eternity to all eternity shall come down from heaven among the children of men, and shall dwell in a tabernacle of clay..."

I love that the news of a Savior is the piece of joy the angel had for King Benjamin. I was guessing that per the angel's introduction ("the Lord...hath judged thy righteousness") that the joyful news was going to be a blessing pronounced on him. He'd have some sort of extra strength or would be promised eternal life. 

But no, the message had nothing to do about him. It was about the reality of a Savior and what He is capable of doing for mankind.

Verses 5-6: He will heal us
Verse 7: He will understand us -- what it's like to be human
Verse 9: He will save us
Verse 10: He will judge us

That last part is especially touching to me. When life is done for me, someone who knows what it's like to try and to fail, to love and to be hurt, to be tempted and pushed and pulled, to beg for faith and to, ultimately, overcome - He will be my judge. He will be the one who decides where I will eternally stand.

How sweet it is to have a Savior who knows - who is perfectly and fair and just and incredibly kind. His mercy isn't a free ride into heaven, rather it is hope that all the energy I put into being obedient,  into repenting, and into holding onto my faith with both hands will be worth it. 

He lives (I can feel it). Oh sweet, the joy this sentence gives. I am grateful for Him.


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