Sunday, April 24, 2016
Pic via: like last week, another solitary study, this time at the kitchen table. I study with the girls around me about 5/7 days of the week, which I truly love, but due to scheduling reasons, 2/7 find me studying solo. I love those days, too. Moderation in all things. :)
Entry from Thursday, April 21
John 6:56
"He that eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood dwelleth in me and I in him."

That's such a strange analogy on the outset, but I love it when I give myself a little more time to digest it. Eating and drinking is consumption. When you consume something, it becomes a part of you - it makes up who you are. You are what you eat, right?

Consuming the Savior's character and behavior, like via scripture study, is meant to break down in my mind and soul and (re)build me up. I have more of Him within me, motivating and moving me. He "dwelleth" in me.

I also love the Sacrament take on it. The Sacrament is my opportunity to eat of bread and drink of water that represents His sacrifice for the forgiveness of my sins. So when I am in a less-than-clean place - when I've had a bad week and need a turn-around - using His service for cleaning me up via the Sacrament puts me right back in an intimate relationship with the Savior. "He...dwelleth in me, and I in him."

I feel like the Savior just begs for the dirtiest sides of me to please come to Him. Don't be shy, do not be ashamed. He has the soapy water and the scrub brush so ready. Consume Him - bring Him into your life - and He will heal and help. He wants to dwell in me!

I want to better let Him for the rest of the week. I know I can!


  1. love these scripture posts! my fav!

  2. You're so wise, April -- I'd love nothing more than to hear your take on these verses (or any!) and be uplifted by your faith. Never hesitate to speak up if you feel so inclined! XO


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