Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Insta already gave it away loud and clear that my little sister, Kimberlee, recently flew out from UT and spent an entire week with us. Kimbee returned home in February from serving a mission for our church (I wrote a bit about that back here), so it'd been over 1.5 years since we'd been together. There's no obvious reason in my mind to say it, but I'll say it - we loved every millisecond with her!!

We conquered our Virginia while she was here. We took a DC day (obvi), a trip down to Williamsburg, we celebrated Thomas Jefferson's birthday at Monticello, and during all the days in between, we soaked up all the charm of our Charlottesville (posts about those days below)! I LOVE our part of the world here and our life in law school, so sharing it with Kimberlee meant so much to me. She kept thanking us for hosting her, but nah nah no, the thanks is (still!) allll ours, sister.

Our DC day was Kimbee's first-ever visit to the District. Ah such an epic day! We *had to* grab Bodo's Bagles on our way out of town (the breakfast of VA adventurers!), seen via the video below. Kimberlee voted for quantity over quality for her DC day, so we tore the place up. Starting at TJ's monument, we then went to Washington and had a little picnic (!), then we saw WWII, Lincoln, the White House, the National Archives, the Museum of Natural History (real quickly!), the Capitol, and then up to Good Stuff for dinner (duh). Just skip through these photos fast and just watch Kimbee's video of the day below. Videography is Kimbee's creative arm, so it was fun to see her pic up an ol' camera again!

Side note: Claire was CRANKY pants that day (18-month-old independence is the real deal!), as you'll see in the photo below...haha, she's attempting to take off her diaper because she can, and you'll also see a couple tantrums in Kimbee's video. I want to keep life real around here. Beautiful, because life really is beautiful, but you know me, I like honest and real, too. So enjoy. :)
Miss Olivia requested the following four photos. I gladly obliged. :)
Alright - now lights camera action! Grateful to have had such a good, good day.


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