Monday, April 11, 2016
I'm giving myself 10 minutes max to write this story, which means y'all will be spared a lot of details (y'all are sighing with relief! ;)), but I've got to get this one down while it's still so fresh. Olivia has been a ballerina for the past six weeks - every Monday evening - and today for her final class, we got to step inside the studio and watch...

The highlights:

// Claire just longing to join the girls but refraining. UNTIL the tutus and tiaras came out. Then sweet Claire got too close for her sister's comfort, and Olivia turned to Miss Marsha and said, "Miss Mawsha? Can my sister Quare pwease have a tutu, too? And a quown?" Then Olivia helped dress her sister and, Miss Claire, the newest ballerina in the class, joined in. Yes I melted. 

// Olivia directing Claire in the class. As always, Olivia directed too much and squeezed too tight, and Claire screamed her disapproval. But all in all those sisters together are so darling, I can hardly stand it. (!!)

// Olivia trying so hard to follow Miss Marsha's instructions. And then flip-side that one -- all the distracted toddlers, Miss O included, failing to follow Miss Marsha's instructions. Three-year-olds can jump into other worlds in seconds, so really, props to Miss Marsha for doing a fantastic job of keeping them on earth, and also patiently waiting on their to re-entries. :)

// Near the end of the class, Olivia ran out from the crowd and hugged Ryan, and you could see in her eyes that she was so glad he was there. That girl's dreams come true when her dad is around. Same goes for sweet Claire.

// Last but not least, I just swelled watching Olivia and Claire feeling so happy. I love being a mom. There are so many unexpected perks with the job. Feeling a complete satisfaction with my life because of the satisfaction in my babies' lives is one of them. 

And now, let the class begin. :)

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