Saturday, April 9, 2016
...the children in my life and their fine, fine art. 
The Art Box was all the rage this week, particularly its paints, and I did not mind! Well, actually, I take that back -- I did mind this morning as I was trying to rush out the door to a friend's baby shower. Claire was opening the paint, eating the paint, doing everything with the paint -- in that moment, I did not love the paint. But otherwise, when the paint was contained, I loved seeing the girls run away into their imaginations and focus so hard on creating something. Olivia is suuuuper into people right now (we have quite the collection of family portraits stacking up!), and Claire painted for the first time ever this week (that big brown blob up there!!!). Watching them focus while being so free made so happy. I want to be more like them that way -- they have zero creative inhibitions. Just dream and do. 

Olivia has also been on a note kick. That sheet up there on the far left with the squiggly lines is a bonafide note from Olivia to someone. That's her handwriting, and she will read the note to you if you kindly ask (please note, the note is subject to change :) ).  Lucky for her, her best friend, Savvy, jumped on the note train, too...
"Dear Olivia - this is for you. I'm so happy you are here and you are [going to] San Diego. To Olivia. From Savvy." 

All the heart eyes and bomb bursts for that sheet of sweetness. That FRUM. !!! Hahah, does it get better than that?

Love the sweet children in my life and that my full-time job is to ride their kind, creative coattails. 

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