Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Our little city, Charlottesville, is a charmer. Shamefully, I've said too little about her around here, especially considering that we've lived here for almost two years (two years - I can't even handle that)! Cville's reputation is very much known on the East Coast and, I'd say, hardly known out West. I didn't know a lick about it before Ryan applied to UVA Law. But I should have...

Charlottesville is Thomas Jefferson's little baby (Mr. J, a good ol' Virginian, wrote the Declaration of Independence and was the third President of the USA). Jefferson built his estate, Monticello, up on a little mountain on the outskirts of town, which is where this post hails from. Monticello is a must-see for every Charlottesville tourist, so it was in the plan to take Kimbee there at some point during her stay, but after my friend, Joanna, gave me the heads up that there was going to be a birthday party for Mr. J the morning after Kimbee arrived, we rearranged our itinerary and skipped up the mountain. 

Olivia was at school, so Claire had a little date with her mama and Auntie. 
 ...and Blanky. Her favorite comrade in the whole wide world. :)

 The morning was beautiful. A little crisp - barely - and so beautiful. We got there a little late and missed most of the guest speaker's address, but the minutes that we caught were inspiring. 
 I thought these were actors, initially, but the musicians below are actually a special unit of the US Military -- they play regularly at the White House and get to tour for special events, like Mr. J's Bday party. :) They were awesome!
 Birthday cake!! 
 The flute player in the middle is from Orem, Utah, where I grew up till I was 14. She knows Joanna, the blonde beauty on the left, another Orem baby, which is why we were so lucky to snag a pic with her.
Claire was in heaven with the strawberry birthday cake. Had I told Olivia about the cake she would not have been in heaven -- "stwaberry birfday cake" is Olivia's FAVWIT, and the FOMO would've plagued her for days. ;)
Such a fun morning - the perfect kickstart for the rest of our Virginia adventures. I have a bunch of photos from the first time we visited Monticello just after we moved here, and I need to share them in a throwback post. Soon! :)


  1. haha. i'm just noticing how crooked my sunglasses are here. that's what you get when you let your kids wear them :). time to get some new ones. loved that morning! thanks for joining us. i miss your sister too! what a dear.

    1. Wha?? Crooked glasses? You look classy and lovely. Thank you for the heads up here. Love you, Jo!


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