Sunday, March 13, 2016
Okay I promise I have other blog posts up my sleeve -- these scripture study ones have been popping up loads, I know. I love that, personally, but I also love my other stories, and they'll get some screen time this week. We got a wicked stomach bug last weekend when I planned to get some posts up before leaving town for Spring Break (we've been down in the lovely southern land of South Carolina)! So yep, more to come. Till then...


Entry from Saturday, March 12
Psalms 55:22
"Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee." 

I just watched the Mormon Message about Chris Williams and his ability to forgive the drunk young man that, while driving, crashed into their family's car, killing Chris' wife, daughter and son (I cannot stand even the thought of that pain). I've seen the video a few times over the years, and the thing that hit me this go-round was that when Chris felt anger or deep loneliness from his loss, he didn't turn to the young man in his thoughts -- he turned to Christ and he gave Christ his feelings.

Hearing him say that made me think of that simple verse above, so I searched for it to find the exact wording and to remember the exact meaning. "Cast thy burden upon the Lord"...I'm told here to literally cast my burdens onto Christ. Throw them his way. Let Him have it/them. My knee-jerk reaction to that is, "Really? Toward Him? The most perfect, flawless, innocent person to have ever lived..."

But then -- Christ already paid the bill to assume those feelings. He's already done the work to be strong enough to carry them. Remember Gethsemane? The Atonement was done -- it has been done. Christ has conquered it all already.

So, when my feelings of anger, deep loneliness, fear, inadequacy, worry or sorrow surge, I will think of Jesus Christ, too. I'll picture myself casting X, Y, or Z right at Him, and I will see Him catch them all and take them away. Because He can! And He does. And He forever will.
Pic via: somewhere along the I-95 (pretty sure we were in the beauty of North Carolina right there). I read a lot in the car this week -- we drove a lot! Between hotels, mixed up baby schedules, and vacation agendas, traveling makes sit-down studying *kind of* difficult, so I was grateful for the long drives that gave me time to spiritually feast a bit. 


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