Wednesday, March 16, 2016
I mentioned in my last post that our day at Hilton Head was one of the best days ever and I meant it. Because (I also shared a bit about this, too; I'm a broken record) the downs of the week that surrounded this trip were real downers. Here's the whole low-down...

- Olivia's terribly awful 24-hour stomach bug started Saturday at 8:00 PM and ended on Sunday at 8:00 PM (I have never seen a human throw up a few times every hour for an entire night).

- Claire was down with the bug on Sunday at 8:00 PM. She was done by 7:00 AM Monday morning, luckily!

- I woke up with the bug Tuesday morning - the day we were supposed to leave. My version was milder than the girls, luckily (!), so we delayed only half of a day and drove to Charleston that afternoon-night.

- RYAN woke up with the bug Wednesday morning, our Charleston day, but it didn't really hit him till after our tour, luckily (!!)

- Also Wednesday morning, Olivia tripped running to the car and mangled her face. This was a down, considering Claire's nasty trip just a couple days earlier (why do babies trip?!)

- But then Wednesday night - the real kicker - Claire tripped (but seriously, why do babies trip?!?!) in the hotel room and split her forehead open. GAH. I ached for my Claire, although I was even more frustrated. I officially hate tripping.

SO. Considering all of that, while clinging to all the ups of the week - a great car trip, beautiful weather, charming Charleston - we were holding our breath that our Hilton Head Day, Thursday, would be all-around amazing.

Well, luckily (!!!!) it was. We drove straight to the bike rental shop, hopped on our bikes, rode through that lush, gorgeous town, and straight to the beach. The beach has become a very relaxing, special spot for our family. You're outside in the SUN and water and you can't help but play -- I think that's why.

Anyway, we dipped into heaven.

Olivia LOVES the beach. Absolutely adores it. Makes my heart sing to see her so happy.
Claires LIKES the beach. She has yet to really fall in love like Sister (I think it's her age). PS, Olivia has a similar photo in this old Gap suit from a California beach day back HERE. :)
Claire LOVES food, though. Forever and always. She hovered our bikes with the snacks like a seagull.
I so love this peach! 
 And she's been MEGA smoochy lately, so I'm glad Ry snatched these. Real life Claire, right there!
Heading out -- off to dinner! We were on Coligny Beach here, and the sand was so packed, riding our bikes was breezy. Ohh it was SO MUCH FUN!
The entrance to the beach, below, was all charming and crafted and lovely. Hilton Head is such a gorgeous spot. I'd fly back across the country to vacation there as a family, it's that good. One day (in my dreams)!
Stopped to watch a swamp, tried to spot a Gator. I bribed Olivia here if she'd smile -- hahah, she smiled! :D
Back at the bike shop, just in time. We rented from Hilton Head Bicycle Company. Each bike was $10 for the WHOLE DAY. Baby seats and helmets included. Actually, you're probably like, what helmets?? Claire's gash made hers hard to wear and Olivia was too small, and when Ry asked for adult helmets for us, the employee looked at us weird and said, "Really? You want helmets? These trails are so paved...nobody wears them here." Well alright! So we took the day off from helmets (don't get used to that one, babes)! :)
Silly face pic, per Miss O's request above. And a shot of one genuinely happy, totally healthy, and unharmed family below -- for that day, anyway. :) Bless you, Hilton Head, for giving us a day we will absolutely never forget!


  1. So sorry you guys were sick! But so glad you were able to have a good comeback! I was looking at this and evie pointed to the one of you and claire kissing and said " ah mom! I like that one! So cute! "

  2. Oh my, I hope so much that if I have a baby she/he gives me big smooches and hugs like that. I'm such a cuddler. What a beautiful beach.

    1. She/he WILL. They'd be crazy not to with a beautiful face like yours. :) XO

  3. Kirstie up there! :) Cute cute cute, little Evie. That made me smile. Why are children so dang nice?! Love their examples in every little thing. Love you, my friend!


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