Friday, March 25, 2016
...EASTER. The older (and dare I say wiser??) I get, the more I love Easter. To cut to the chase, I love Easter for focusing on the end of Christ's life. I get to "see" (per this post!) so much of His power because of Easter.

In an effort to remember Him during this Holy Week, we've actually just consumed a lot of media (go 2016)! :) We've re-watched the Easter campaign videos from my Church, for starters. Like the one below from 2014. I remember that the juxtaposition of the feats of mankind and the feat of Jesus Christ - His Resurrection - moved me to tears the first time I watched it. And that because of Him and His greatest-of-all-power, anything is possible for me!

Here is last year's video. This one made me teary because of Olivia. I remember watching it with her, and while her two-year-old self couldn't grasp the message's entire meaning, she did grasp its most key element through feeling. She felt that Jesus knows how to help people and. Through it all. I felt it, too.

And now this one from 2016. This one helped me teach them that death has no sting because of Christ (that's so unbelievably beautiful to me)! And while I didn't dive into the abstract fact that He can resurrect our hearts, minds, and eyes when they cannot feel, think and see ourselves and life just right, I so felt that via this message. My meager words alone will never suffice to say how grateful I am that we have someone - Him! - that can change us in ways that we could never change ourselves.

We love love loved this sweet video below about following Christ really clicked with the girls. And me, as a result. That's just how it goes as Mom -- you try to teach them, but you get taught more in the end. :)

Videos aside, I've got to give some serious props to a few GIFs (side note: that is the funniest acronym for things that are SO cool).

I LOVE this one from Naomi Scheel. I found it on her Instagram account on Sunday, so on Palm Sunday, and it hasn't left my mind all week. I love when art can preach/teach, and this one preached for me. It drew me in. It's simple yet bold, which is exactly how Christ's triumphal entry was. I think it's just beautiful.
I like GIFs for how they teach big things in a small bang. And that little babes can get them. IE...

This one below. I've used a similar analogy for teaching the girls that Christ can take away our mistakes (in our house, Jesus has a HUGE, magic eraser. :) ) Same idea here. Anyone can have a fresh start. That's beautiful to me!!
I personally appreciated this one. I've asked God in prayer before for Christ to take away certain burdens -- "Here, take these problems. I cannot have them weigh me down anymore." And somehow, either immediately or eventually, those weights get untied. Burdens are lifted. If not by Him directly, then through others inspired by Him. I believe that with my whole whole heart.

One last thing that's helped us learn and worship -- this visual timeline of the Savior's last week. It's in story-form and it's also short (yay)! We read through each day and watched a few of The Bible Videos  in conjunction (The Bible Videos are our most favorite media EVER. They deserve a whole post -- one day)! Like after we read about Easter Sunday, we watched the video  below about Jesus' Resurrection...

So this jerked the tears today as we watched that video -- Olivia said, "Oooooh I love this part. She (Mary) is going to see that Jesus still whives!" This lovely pang hit my heart: she gets that Christ is living and real. She feels that! She can't understand the facts yet and that it's illogical, truly, that after dying in such a devastating way, He is alive again. But she's felt that that is true.

Real quick -- on the note of feeling that something is true --- there will come a day when Olivia and Claire will face the world hard and fast, and the facts and faith will not line up. Facts won't line up that Christ lives and/or that He cares. Facts won't line up that God is their Father in Heaven and that He cares. Facts won't line up that any church is true, let alone the LDS Church. But in those head-to-head moments, I believe that their feelings from their personal, real, spiritual experiences will see them through. And a chunk of those feelings will be those that they're feeling now. Will it be a challenge for them to dig so deep and so far and feel? For sure - it's that way for all of us. But they will be capable of that stretch. The heart does not forget.

Amen on that note. For now (you know me - I always have more words).

So grateful for this Easter and for a Savior who lives. I know Him! Slowly, but surely, I have come to know Him. First through scripture -- I've read what He's capable of, how He reacts to situations, how He feels about God, me, and every living being.

I've come to know Him through my trials. Rock bottoms are hard, and when I've hit them, my last, most reliable resort is Christ and His strength. I've reached up via prayer for Him to lift me, and He has lifted me.

I've come to know Him through alllll the blessings. He is the source of light and the giver of all that is good, and man alive, I have felt some SERIOUS light in my life. I've experienced SO much good...life has been so sweet and so very good.

Hallelujah. Again and again and again.

And Happy Easter!


  1. Dearest Jeni,
    Your post was very inspiring. You are a precious daughter, mother, wife and granddaughter and so full of wisdom for your young years. Ryan, Olivia and Clair are very blessed to have you as theirs.
    We hope that your Easter has been a special one for your family. It has been for your Grandparents Burr. We love you. G & G Burr

  2. I love that you come and comment here, Grandma! You're an angel. Thank you for helping me know Christ at such a young age. I can still remember the testimony you gave of Him at a family reunion when I was around 7. Seriously! I'll NEVER forget it. Love you so so much!


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