Friday, March 18, 2016
The little package we sent our Aunt Kimbee as a "Welcome Home!" and a "SO Excited For Your Life Ahead!" Kimberlee returned from her mission just a couple weeks ago to Estonia (never heard of Estonia before? No shame. I hadn't either. See here). Proselytizing missions are a fun, special aspect of my faith (see here). They are hard, they are thrilling. Sometimes they get long, and we are juuuust a little glad that our sister is home!

Unlike most of the people in my life, I didn't serve a mission, so I don't know what it's like to "transition" back. But from what I've gathered, it can be hard for some to jump back into the real world. I wasn't sure how Kimberlee would feel coming home - she was a very invested missionary - so, just in case (because I love my sister!), I gathered a couple things for her over the last few months with the hope to help out, if needed. Well, haha, turns out she didn't need ANYTHING from me -- she's been fabulous. She got the above goods anyway, though, because, honestly, they're applicable to everyone. I love that book and the essence of that print. Seeee...

// Taking Off the Tag. I actually first loved this read last fall. The Hinckleys were Ryan's mission presidents in Barcelona, Spain (they are wonderful, incredible people - some of our heroes). After I read it for the first time, I bought a copy right away for Kimbee. It's a quick read, but it's packed with easy-to-apply information. I like concrete stuff - "A, B, C will get you X, Y, Z" - and this book has it. I so appreciated what I re-learned about goal setting and goal getting in the book. It guided much of how we approached our goals this year (see back here)!

// That print from A Vintage Poster. I saw it in December when Sara was having a flash sale, and I immediately thought of Kimbee. Mostly because that bit of wisdom is exactly what Ryan's mission president told him before coming home (again, Clark Hinckley is amazing!) and Ryan didn't skip a beat with life. He was very confident about his future - in that it was going to be really awesome - and I loved that about post-mission Ryan. The attitude has stuck, too. He hardly vacillates from believing that "better things lie ahead." Who doesn't want/need more of that in their life?? Confidence is comforting. 

// That drawing of Olivia + Kimbee. Olivia's people originals -- yes! And that zig-zag line up at the top of the page is a personal note that she wrote. Olivia's translation: "I love you SO MUCH. I'm so glad you came home from your mission." Outta the mouth of babes. :)

Grateful for the positive influences that both of these simple things have had on me in the last little bit.

Happy Friday!

PS, Watch Kimbee's homecoming video below. Kimbee's friend, Taylor, filmed and Kimbee edited it up -- as Kimbee does (remember when she made a video of my brother, Nick's, missionary homecoming?) She does the videography for the fam. Hallelujah! 


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