Wednesday, March 30, 2016
MISS CLAIRE. Baby Girl deserves an update around here. She is officially 17-months-old (crazy). She is sweet as always. She is sassier than ever (I like it. In fair doses). She has a handful of words, and being the animal lover that she is (who would've thought?? I'm not an animal girl), she knows all of the animal sounds. Moo, baa, tweet, quack, woof, meow - and our very favorite - bop bop bop bop (the fish)!

As of two Sundays ago, Claire is also the newest girl on the block with a little chop. Her blonde, soft newborn hair had become a raggedy mullet, and well, we can't have that on a precious girl like that, now can we. ;)
 Ta-da! That's a pretty drastic line, and it's pretty uneven (don't look too close!), but it is not a mullet. Yay.
Little Sis did a great job sitting through the whole thing. Ry sat in front of her with popcorn, which was the golden ticket. She moved around, hence the crookedness on my part, but she was moving around per usual, as if nothing was happening. She didn't scream or fight or anything like that, so props, Claire. I love you, baby girl.

And for the records - since we're chatting hair - a couple pics of Miss O's curls. I turned and snapped them after Claire's cut. Olivia usually becomes Curly Locks on Sunday; we doll her up during the week if we're feeling it. She's pro at sitting for the five minutes it takes to get it done, and she always says she "wuvs it sooo much, Mom!" Well I wuv doing, it Peach (look out, Claire, this routine is in your future).
These pictures make me take two steps back and pinch myself -- how do I have two little girls. And how am I cutting and curling their hair?! Life is crazy. Truly, when I was a college freshman, I envisioned myself getting married at almost-25-years-old, not all of the above. But this is right for me. The farther I walk down the motherhood road, the more I'm able to turn around and look back (obviously), and the more I realize how good it was for me to marry and Mom at a comparatively young age. The timing of family life is different for everybody, isn't it? And whenever it happens - earlier for some, later for others - there's good to be had in it all. Life's just good. :)


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