Sunday, March 6, 2016
Claire is Miss Mega Independent lately (cue Kelly C)!

She has always been close and clingy to me, which (to my surprise) I have actually loved. But you still want your children to hold their own, you know? That's why this emerging side to her little soul is stellar.  She still loves me something fierce, but she can hold her own.

She believes that she can do everything by herself.  IE, she has wanted to lather herself up with our favorite magical cream via Tubby Todd. Of course I've said no way Jose, since it's not lotion, and I love that stuff soo much (can't let a smear of it go to waste). I have yet to meet something that clears up skin issues so quickly. Diaper rash is gone by the next diaper change; it helps scrapes and scratches on the girls disappear incredibly fast; it zaps my blemishes (no shame)!

Anyway, smart Claire got around me the other day and I found her like so:
Caught. But she was okay with that. 
And yeah, in the end, so was I. :) I mean, Miss Independent impressively unscrewed that lid. ?!?! You go and grow, my Claire Bear. 


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