Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Dear Feb, 

You were a great month. You were kind of bipolar, though, and I like steady, so when I focus on the pros, you were great. We had some sunshine days, a fabulous Valentine's Day, and a happy, happy birthday for Dad. Snow is pretty, and Feb, you definitely gave us snow (AKA, Jonas!!) We snuck a stellar DC day in there, too. 

When I think of the cons, I can't believe how the girls were banged up this month. We haven't yet had the slips, trips, falls, bumps, bruises, and therefore, TEARS that came with this February. 

It started with Olivia slipping off the toilet the very night that Jonas hit Charlottesville. She was standing atop the seat -- a no-brainer no-no (I know!! Cue all the parenting-guilt tears). Our toilet sits next to the bathtub, and that angel, however she hit her chin in that whole bumpy fall made her chin split open, right underneath her jaw. Impressively, Super Olivia didn't cry once while she was inspected and stitched up. Numbing meds helped (of course), but her bravery was legit and surprising and stellar nonetheless. 

Taking the stitches out a week later was another story (eeeesh)! Olivia didn't handle that so well. It was good to see that our Superwoman is still human. :)

A couple weeks later, Olivia was running outside when she tripped and smacked the sidewalk so hard. Screams. And blood. I was certain she had lost teeth. But - talk about a miracle - she just had a badly cut lip, and a scratch on the front of her chin. That was it.

Then it was Claire's turn. She got her share in February's last week. First up, shots. She's never done well with shots. Lots of tears there. 

A few days ago, the girls and Ryan were playing a "catch me if you can" game on the couch. They stand guard on the couch, Dad attacks. Ry was turned for a split second, when ka-BAM, Claire fell off the couch and hit the ground exactly on her perfect little nose. It bruised so well and so quickly, I was sure it was broken. Amazingly, no mega damage was done. She was sooo so sore (nose things are the worst!!), so we Tylenol'd her up and I cuddled her till she was deep, deep in sleep.

Then last night - February 29 - Claire tripped on the wood floor, and scream-cries filled the house as her mouth filled with blood. Thankfully, miraculously (again), only her tongue was bit and her teeth were intact. All was well.

So, yeah, you were good, Feb. But March, I pray thee, tread a little lighter on my babies (and bless Mom and Dad to be eons more aware of where the babies are, what they're doing, how fast they're running, and that we can catch them in their falls). :) 
Pic via: the day that Claire got her shots. We hit up the Whole Foods bakery every time we have a doctor's visit with shots. Tradition! We highly recommend.

Note Olivia's little scar from when she face-planted on the sidewalk. Yep, rough month (in some regards :) ). 

Bye bye, Feb. Welcome, March!


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