Thursday, February 18, 2016
 Olivia is in Joy School - maybe you remember? We absolutely love it. I'm both thrilled about and grateful for what it's teaching us all about creating joy and living for the real kind of joy -- the kind that comes from being kind, working hard, learning from mistakes, being obedient, and from being grateful.

I've been "Teacher" this week. Yesterday I got to teach the crew about rules and laws (things that we need to follow to keep us happy and safe)! We talked about rules at home and school; then we talked about laws outside in the big ol' world, like speed limits, cross walks, stop signs, etc. We went on a walk to find signs around our neighborhood that help us follow laws (stop signs! :) ), and lucky us, our neighborhood is within reach of the UVA's Law School and Darden, the business school.

These lucky kids. One day they will realize that they grew up in the shadows of some pretty stellar institutions. I only hope the aura around here is rubbing off (I bet it is)!
Had to toss this one in here for the records - I came into the living room and found them like this - all snug on the couch together, each "reading" a book. Each Joy School class includes "Free Play Time," so 30 minutes of time for the kids to play with toys, run around, whatever they want. And usually it's as crazy as one room would be with four toddlers and a ton of toys, but yesterday they decided to get all close and cuddly?? :) It was darling. 

Love these children. Nurturing them brings me some serious, serious joy.


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