Friday, February 26, 2016
My latest design project. Meet some (left to right, down and around)...

Industrial duct work, an exhaust fan, a cartridge collector, a rotary airlock valve, a big ol' bin vent, and a lightbulb standing in for "electrical equipment." They're real nice guys!
I've started freelancing graphic design, and I'm almost done with my first gig -- industrial filtration equipment. One of our best friends out here is starting a business as an equipment supplier, and I got to give the products for his website some style curves (those above are a handful of the whole project). The two best parts of the project have been 1) learning tons of new stuff. There are some big dogs out there working to keep our air clean(er)! And 2) giving feelings and personality to some pretty stiff equipment. Image-Google "industrial filtration equipment" and you'll see what I mean.

Life's a party. Grateful to have a go at it all.

Happy Friday!


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