Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Happy happy birthday to our man. Ryan is officially 26-years-old (gettin' up there, babe! Yikes)! ;) We celebrated last night with a good dinner, his traditional plain, angel food cake, and HUGE hugs.

I love that man. And so do the girls (in case you can't tell).

I love his laugh. And his ability to laugh. I've mentioned this before -- it's amazing how Ryan rolls out the most genuine, comforting laugh whenever you talk to him. I know it's odd to describe a laugh as being "comforting" - maybe I only think that because of Ryan? All I know is that his laugh has always made me feel awesome, and therefore, very safe and very loved.

I love his sweet attention to the details of my life and feelings. He's been that way from the beginning (talking since 2005!!) He has always sat back and listened to me go on about this dream, that dream. He so kindly cares.

He is so calm and collected. My mind and heart is often tossed around in a bounce house, but that guy, he can hold it together and see ahead and move confidently in the right direction -- absolutely unmoved by what others say and/or think.

He is FUN. He will go on any adventure, he will play any game. He is such a playful dad, it nearly kills us all around here. The girls may one day say that they remember Dad's games and playful love most about their childhood and I'd be thrilled about that. What a gift he is to our little girls!

I love his solid faith in God. Ryan hit a point in high school when he decided that he wanted to really know if what his parents had taught him about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and His gospel were true, so very honestly, he hit the scriptures. He dug deep and really learned. Eventually he felt a need to repent for kind of faithfully "floating along" in his personal life, and that's where he felt it - the magic of believing in God and in an atoning Savior -- he felt forgiven. He knew that any silly thing he had previously done or any good thing he hadn't done up to that point was forever irrelevant. He felt loved and whole, and in consequence, he was left with a whole lot of faith in and love for God and Christ. His faith is hard-won. He wins it daily still. I love him tremendously for that.

There's that - five favorite things about my fabulous birthday man. I'm stopping there (even though y'all know I am very capable of going on. And on and on and on...)

Whenever you get around to reading this, babe, I love ya (in case you can't tell).

XO, your Jen


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