Friday, February 12, 2016
I've decided that - when it comes to having some serious, spontaneous fun - the baby-toddler years are the best years win. I realized that for the first time nearly one year ago when I took my first solo trip to DC with the girls -- it was a marvelous thing. My eyes were opened to the fact that littles are, actually, so easy going and eager to get up and go. Their schedules aren't dictated by school, their brains aren't crazy into screens. All they need is food, Mom, and friends and they're set. You can literally pack your life up for the day and go exist somewhere new - which is exactly what we did today. Up to the amazing extension of the Air & Space Museum we went to see the air pwanes and wocket ships! Our adventure bug blasted off (because it can, right?!) and our happy levels soared. 
"Whoa whoa whoa!" Claire was saying. She may be Baby, but you bet your bottom dollar she got what was going on in that old hanger - planes,  mama, planes! 
This part of the Air & Space Museum is pretty unreal. They've displayed the most darling little planes, and then they house the most incredible flying machines known to man. IE, the "Blackbird" below can fly from DC to LA in just over an hour (one hour)!
 And Aerospace gems from Armstrong's era of going to the moon...
And space suits! Hahah this one -- I asked Olivia to stand by the astronaut's leg - but I should've clarified that it was just a suit because she thought someone was in it - hence that FACE. Good sport, Olivia girl, good sport.
They also have the actual Discovery Orbiter space shuttle from 1983 - the third shuttle ever to go up to see the stars. It is HUGE. It is awesome. Olivia asked if she could dance in front of the wocket (rocket)! Duh, girl! :)
 And then she pulled Claire and I in. Yeah, girl! :)
The building literally is an old airplane hanger, so in it's one massive room you can roam and run and run and roam. AKA, our kids went a little wild (which is a must when your East Coast world is twenty-degrees!!) And considering that we took on that place for three whole hours, (with a little lunch break squeezed in there - see below), we were definitely enlivened all up and then super tuckered us out. Mission accomplished.
Our comrades for the day were our Elizabeth and our Hunter Boy. Two of our very bests out here. I say that littles can do adventurous things, and I mean it, but let me add that if Mom has a friend in tow, she can do anything, too. Specially if her friend is an Elizabeth like that one below. 

Seriously, these are the DAYS. Life is so good and all is well. 


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