Tuesday, February 23, 2016
What a good day. I cleaned my bedroom early this AM, drawers and all. Claire was by my side since she woke up earlier than Olivia. She walked around, jabbing jabbing jabbing, and then she tried to jump on my bed (she'll get the hang of the jump one day)! 

It felt so good to clean my own space. I stay on top of every other room day-to-day, except for my poor bedroom. It seems like it's every four or five days or seven or even ten (embarrassing, but don't we all love the truth) before I straighten my bedroom up just right: clear the dresser top, put every shoe in a slot, take the clothes in my drawers from jumbled chaos to folded, crisp, clean.

The work done, I dusted off my hands and thought about how good it feels to be clean. And that it doesn't matter when you get to "clean" - whenever you get there - it's always soooo so good. 
Pic via --- last week when Ryan was in San Diego. Claire took over Ry's spot in my bed, and all on her own accord. Claire's sixth sense is "Understand how Mom is feeling." Olivia has it, too, actually, but only when she is awake. :) So I wasn't surprised when Claire commandeered my empty bed. Of course she sensed that Mom was alone, and that Mom needed a small, cuddly body sleeping next to her (duh), so she'd scream for me at 5:00 AM till I'd bring her to my bed, and then she would zonk out again once we were all cuddled up. That pic above was from a nap, and while she was uncharacteristically shirtless (can't remember why she was), true to form, Claire's sleeping with slits in her eyes and a mouth as wide as a cave. 

Fun fact: she has done both in her sleep since day one. 

That Bear. :) Love my Claire.


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