Tuesday, January 5, 2016
Well! Merry Christmas. And Happy New Year!  I don't know what happened to December but whatever. If I wasn't feeling so certain that 2016 is going to be amazing, I'd be pining for 2015. Especially for December's last couple weeks when my family came to us for a Christmas in VA. Oh it was such a blast! Having them around to see our world out this way was the greatest gift ever. 

My real camera tagged along on our day trip to DC. We lucked out that day -- we found free parking across the road from Mr. Lincoln and it was WARM outside (like it was 55 degrees. That's heaven)! The highlights of the day...sheesh, the presence of my people!! It felt so right to have my worlds collide -- our life out East + some of my dear, sweet family from the West. We started out at the Lincoln, moved through the war memorials, stopped at the National Christmas Tree and the trains, spent a couple hours at the Museum of American History (not pictured, and so so so so cool); then it was over to the National Conservatory, the Capitol Christmas Tree, and finally up to Pennsylvania Ave for dinner at Good Stuff (gotta eat at Good Stuff)!  

PS, there are a handful of photos that I'll be adding in later. Blogger's being weird right now - about 1/4 of my photos have been deleted from the post on the back end, and the formatting is wigging out - so so sorry!!

I'm going to get back to this post when we're back in VA (because we're actually in UT right now!!) and add in details -- I keep trying to type above some of these photos to tell more of the stories, but yeah, back end stuff is weird tonight and things keep getting deleted and shifted and blah blah blah. But to recap for now, let it be known that we had a really good DC day. A really really good DC day. For sure our best one yet. How could it NOT be with more family around?? :)


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