Sunday, November 1, 2015
We were going to be Goldilocks and the Three Bears, because Claire is Bear around here, and I couldn't pass up her first Halloween without paying such a homage to her, that snuggly, strong little thing. BUT Olivia had to be a princess, and Goldy isn't a princess, so Anna she was. Anna and the Three Bears we were! 

We snapped all of the above pics while waiting at the law school for the bus -- just like last year, we rode the bus down to The Lawn for this town's biggest Halloween extravaganza. It's amazing. I'm certain the whole city dresses up and comes to The Lawn, of course to trick or treat but also to PEOPLE WATCH. If you ever saw that '90's Disney movie, "Halloween Town," I tell you, this event is Halloween Town in real life and it is the place for people (slash monster, princess, witch, goblin, viking) watching. The crowd is also absolutely crazy.  Between keeping track of our Princess and Bear and finding our friends and then, people watching, I just snapped a couple pics...
One example of the crazy-awesome enthusiasm so characteristic of Halloween at The Lawn -- the Vikings! Can you (barely) see them and their little ship made from a sheet? They were blasting music, too. It was great.
 Anna found Elsa - and Thor! AKA two of our best best law school friends, Savvy and Judah. 
The bus dropped us off at the school, and as we walked home I thought about how next year will be our last year here and I was, first, a little sad...I felt sad about our time already "ending" (since we have 1.5 years left...oh dear, Jeni)! Then that sadness was replaced in a flash by a whole lotta joy from having just had another sweet Cville Halloween. And that we have one more holiday season in blessed Virginia coming our way. Excited for you already, next year!! 

Last year's Cville Halloween -- here!


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