Sunday, November 29, 2015
It's been a few days since Thanksgiving and I've still got a full heart. Although, I have to tell the truth, I wasn't feeling all that thankful when the actual day started. Why does that happen sometimes on holidays -- you don't feel the Spirit much on Easter, not as much thanks on Thanksgiving, not tons of cheer on Christmas. Maybe I'm the lone lady that gets in holiday slumps and everyone is as so as chipper on the day of, who knows, but *thankfully* I came around fast the day of Thanksgiving when we started to actually celebrate with our friends. We went to the Michie Tavern here in Charlottesville - a beautiful, colonial spot that was built in 1784 (the very year the Revolutionary War ended -- what?!? Had to wrap my mind around that for a sec). When you come visit us in Virginia, we'll take you to Michie Tavern. The servers are dressed up in colonial garb, and the buildings's styling - both the Tavern and the other buildings on the grounds - is spot on, making you feel like you stepped back in time a bit. Like the Tavern was candlelit, so it was, comparatively, realllly dark,  which made the Thanksgiving meal experience, comparatively,  such a blast.

After we ate, the kids ran around the grounds, in and out of the shops, and I sat back for a second there to count the BIG blessing (again) of coming out here for school. We're half-way done now, and the more time we get behind us here, the more it becomes clear that choosing UVA Law was one side-road of a big fork in our lives, a side that has given us tremendous gifts -- greater independence and closeness as our own clan, our friends, adventures, Ryan's job last summer and his new job for this summer. Our faith in the gospel as really grown. You're stretched out here to live in the gospel in different ways than in a place with a lot of Church members. Your service is needed more, which for me, has meant that I exercise my faith more, because what young mom feels like there is more of her to give to anyone or anything? JK, I'm sure there is a young mom out there that feels like she can do it all, but I, my friends, am not one of them. I've learned that I can do A LOT - with help from my Savior. Without literally praying for Him to step in where I majorly lack (energy from little sleep, i.e.), I  couldn't even glance at what is asked of me in all of my roles. So, you know, at the end of it all - and this always happens - I'm counting the big blessing of a Savior that helps me out. He is real to me and I am grateful for Him.  Amen! :)

Pics of the grounds below. Can't wait to take you to Michie Tavern (when are you comin?!) :) 
We caught the Gavins and stole them for a friend-fam pic -- everyone else had taken off. We love this family. We're interning in the same city this summer and we're a liiiiittle thrilled about it.
This one'll will go on the wall of Ryan and Glen's future firm --- right guys?? ;) 


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