Sunday, November 1, 2015
You've heard the old folksong, right? "Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you, away you rolling river..." It's beautiful, so in case you haven't, listen to my favorite version here. That classic little tune is as moving as the Shenandoah Valley itself. Charlottesville (home!) is on one side of the Blue Ridge Mountains out here; the Shenandoah is on the other side. You can car trip it up either via Skyline Drive or the Blue Ridge Parkway to take in the breathtaking views of this corner of the country -- last Sunday we opted for Blue Ridge (no fee involved!) and we drove and drove and drove and DROVE. For three hours. Autumn's ember tones in all of those trees, mingled with that strong Virginia green kept pulling us further and further down the road. The never-ending scene was more than lovely, one of those visions that a picture can expose but never adequately express.

Can you imagine if that was your property? That plop of cleared green smack dab in the middle of all of those jeweled trees (heart eyes, heart eyes)!!
Black bears just off the side of the road! 
Coupla family pics, just as we turned around to (finally) head home. 
The girls slept for most of the drive, which was sweet. Ryan and I had precious time to talk, and then we simply sat and existed while driving through that slice of heaven. When the girls woke, we sang primary songs and talked about the good stuff, like our favorite color of Autumn leaves and that Jesus was Heavenly Father's helper as He created the earth. The moaning soon hit in full force (duh!) - Olivia and Claire had had it by the end and made us full aware. :) But the little trip sure left us all feeling full + standing amazed at how beautiful the world is, especially Virginia's corner. I feel so lucky ridiculously lucky to be experiencing it, too, like on a breezy Sunday afternoon, driving up and around the Shenandoah (bless the Sabbath Day -- thank you for existing). All is well!

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  1. The fall out here on the East Coast is amazing! I love seeing all these trees bright with color. Love reading about your cute family and your adventures!!


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