Sunday, November 22, 2015
Claire had a perfect-for-her birthday. Because she stayed awake through Church - by the grace of some commandeered Goldfish - she got to come home and really nap. Like a 12:00-4:00 nap (yes, that is the longest nap of her life; no, that is not normal for her). After waking up as the happiest one-year-old on the planet, she came down the stairs to the scape that Olivia, Dad, and I helped set up  to celebrate her darling little soul (Olivia was THE best, most helpful sister!). She had balloons, a present, and soon enough, food. Food is Claire's favorite thing on earth.
After presents, we ate dinner, the sky darkened outside, and just a few friends came over for birthday pie. We already know that Claire can take down cake, so we thought we'd give pie a try...
AND a whole bowl full of blueberries. Couldn't leave out that girl's blueberries. And yes, atop the table. That (supervised) gift may have been her favorite of all. She begs me daily to let her eat on top of the table, so today, on her birthday, I said yes to it all -- the table party, the food food food, the mess. She was so happy!! Naturally, so was I.
WE LOVE YOU, CLAIRE. But how can I ever make that truly clear?? I feel like words can't describe. (The little tribute post above helps, I hope!) Oh we love you. Happy first birthday to you, darling. Cannot wait for the millions more to come. 


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