Saturday, October 3, 2015

Claire and I shipped ourselves to UT last week. I attended a couple blogging conferences and we soaked up our dear family. It was lovely. The week flew by, and the little split turned out to be really good for our small family of four. It made us long for each other again, which was so so good to feel. IE, I started missing Ryan and Olivia before we left. We pulled up to the airport and I teared up before I even opened the car door. Makes me think of this, though, and I feel just fine about my classic departure tears: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." - Winnie the Pooh. :) 

So Utah! We first attended a little spiritual retreat for a couple days at a quaint lodge in Alta. I'd been been working behind the scenes on this one this summer, so even though I cried upon leaving VA, it was a relief to get to UT and make that shindig happen. It was even more of a relief that it went well. The aim of the retreat was to share faith between the women there to uplift, inspire, and strengthen each other. Because at the end of the day, don't you think your faith grows when you share it? Mine sure does. That's one of the reasons I write here.  I  better believe what I know when I talk about it. If I invest a little guts and heart to say what I know - and what I don't know! - the return is a more firm or a first-time belief in God, in myself, in the good in the world, etc. (so truly, I'm just learning and growing here and you're sweet to stop by and listen)!

I took zero pictures during our retreat -- that one above of the retreat's location is from my friend, Katie -- but let it be known that I left a changed woman, the mountain sun was bright and warm, and Claire was a brilliant little baby. Per usual, she was comfort for me while I tackled something new. I love you, ClaireBear.

On Saturday I rep'd The Small Seed and attended another social media influencer brunch hosted by the Public Affairs department of my church. My favorite nugget from the brunch was from Amy Antonelli, the guest speaker, about making EVERYONE you interact feel of their importance. I resonated with that because those that have done that for me, truly, have changed my life. I want to better pay it forward!

And then the very best part about that one was that my sister was behind it. I'm so proud of Elise! She's a stellar woman. We often laugh to each other about our lives. She always wanted to be a mom right out of college, I wanted a stint with a career (life's a trickster). I teared up as she spoke to the group for a minute there at the end. Mega sister pride swelled up and took right over. 
Both my sweet mother and mother-in-law made the drive up from STG to play with Claire Baby and me. I am so grateful for my moms. They are friends sisters! We were on Temple Square after Elise's brunch, and multiple people thought they were sisters. So they're sisters and I really lucked out in getting those sisters for my moms. IE, I would not be who I am and where I am without them. 
Elise caught this, hallelujah -- Claire's been kissing me. She shoots me right to heaven every time she does.
From Temple Square, we spent a few minutes at Elise's downtown apartment and then walked up the Aves. Salt Lake City was clear in its skies and stunning. Claire Baby wanted me the whole time...
...silly girl. :)
She got me! Mmmm that baby. I've never been so cool to anyone in the whole world (and probably never will be). 
We spent the rest of the weekend all together. We watched the General Women's Meeting, we ate, we laughed, we bid adieu till December. Claire and I flew back to VA on Monday, and this week's been spent RELISHING our time with Daddy and Olivia. Truly, you don't know what you have till it's gone, and oh how you know what you've got when you get it back!! All is well.


  1. You rock! Have you ever considered writing about how you stay "spiritually fit" as a busy mom? I've been struggling on how to make time for scriptures, prayers, etc. with kids constantly wanting snacks and toys and needing diapers and clothes changed. I'd love to know what your routine is when it comes to your spiritual routine. Love ya!

    1. It's so so hard, isn't it? I actually have found a couple things that really help, and I've been asked this same question on Insta before, so good idea to post about it here. I'll do it. You are the best, Kels! Thanks for asking. xoxoxo


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